Emma quoting Hippocrates

“To do nothing is also a good remedy.”

“Hippocrates’ remedy for what?” she goes on.
“No clue exactly, but let’s see. Maybe it’s the answer to inner peace.”

Who or Why…?

Perhaps it’s a big circle and you can choose a vicious or a benificent event.

WHO is choosing the vicious or the beneficient…?
And above all… – WHY?

A reply to Emma

Says Emma:

I am absolutely in Julien and I am not going anywhere! 

My reply:

Indeed, WE ARE…- in an infinite undifferentiated “HERE”…- this is the most unfathomable mystery. In the “real” reality, everything happens simultaneously, meaning that ultimately speaking, there is no such word as “there” – as there is nowhere to go.

It would be a great blow for most people to realize this. They always live for “later”, hoping their luck, love, happiness and fruition are to be found in the future, somewhere on the way…
Rather sad, they live in a “there” that will never come…
They are always escaping in their foolish projection… thinking they are going somewhere,
but “Somewhere” is sheer illusion, it exists in their heads only…

So dear Emma, I AM HERE, not going “anywhere” either.