I am not interested in being nowhere. Are you?…

“Often, you could see the hunter-gatherers making their way in single file through the marshes beside the road.

They were always somewhere, and were uninterested in being nowhere, on industrialism’s roadway. They had not yet lost the singularity of the present, which technology exactly takes away.

With our dwindling attention spans, foreshortening shallowness of thought, and thirst for diversions, how much are we actually in the world?

The disembodied self becomes increasingly disengaged from reality, including emotional reality.”

“Anxiety has replaced happiness as the hallmark sensation, now that community is absent.

We no longer trust our instincts. Maintaining a vast distance from the rhythms of nature and primary experiences of the senses in their intimate concreteness, the leading “thinkers” so often consecrate or uphold this unhappy, disembodied state.”

– John Zerzan


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Embrace your emotions

Sometimes, a pertinent idea just pops up out of nowhere. It can be the long sought-for solution, the right answer to something you so badly craved for, but couldn´t “figure it out”.

You just can´t “think” too much about it, pondering on, or trying to find the right words for it, hinders the informational flow.

You just let it come, as if you were a secret partaker to you own life.

A “pertinent idea” comes disguised as a strongly felt emotion. All great words are manifestations of inspired, almost haunting emotions. Only emotion helps us reach further in our quest of finding out our real purpose.

It strikes me like never before that Suffering derives from lack of emotional purpose. Lack of Felt Sense. If we are short of sense, that is, out of touch with emotion, we wither. We simply die inwardly.

The disease of this epoch is exactly this:


We are in the constant practice of  killing our emotion!

God damn it, let´s stop fleeing our emotions! 

EMOTION IS THE MAP OF LIFE! Your most precious asset.

Only truly heartfelt emotion will grant you the longed-for Sense, the healing of your human dignity!

A good one

Sex is an emotion in motion.
( Mae West)

To Melissa

Don´t give words too much a meaning – you greatest meaning is your emotion.
When there is strong emotion, there will be also the right words.

Is it true, or is it true?

Great passion and emotion are very offensive to cowardice.

What is the State – commenting Paul´s post

It just kind of struck me now – the word State is the same as state… – as inner emotional condition.

So the State, is nothing but a sum of different twisted emotional and mental states…A sum of ubiquitous madness basically…

Can collective madness be counteracted …? I don´tknow…

What I know for sure though is that we can “counterfeel” it…:) We can counterstrike with great Love, great emotions, with great lucidity…embracing timeless Art and refulgent Beauty…


Let´s try!!

A dialogue between Mrprose and me

He says:

We do support each other, and eventually I think we create networks of support that we may rely on. As for feeling, yes, it is a part, but one that may come with a bit of time. I know that I have not yet learned to truly feel. It’s a process to discover.

My answer:

I was thinking of thatnot too: we create networks of support that we may rely on. It is a real priority as most people today, – especially the young generation – are utterly confused as there is no one to guide when it comes to what Real Living is about… Many are in deep pain, and due to the fact that the ones who are supposed to give guidance – parents, teachers, psychologists, etc. – are also afraid, they cannot therefore give the right support. There is basically no one there to turn to…

That is why I asked you whether you ponder on talking in schools.

Please listen carefully:

You don´t learn to be hungry or thirsty. It ´s the same with feelings.
Thus, YOU CANNOT LEARN TO FEEL…you feel, feeling is spontaneous, implicit, a concrete reality insofar as everything around is the outcome of our inner emotional state.

The problem is that this present age is afraid of – and discards real feeling, tacitly preventing us from our embracing our greatest treasure: EMOTION.

Everything boils down to this – Emotion…
I said innumerable times – LIFE IS EMOTION.

Emotion is the right answer to life. Meaning, self-worth, gratitude, creativity, all great things are the outcome of emotion. Unlike what you heard, it´s Emotion which is the real power behind shining intelligence.

So I tell you again: you cannot learn to breath – you cannot breath tomorrow, can you…? 🙂
The same goes for feeling…Feel, feel and feel…Feel the necessity of feeling. Feel even if what you feel can be unpleasant.

Life is ultimately a Mystery to feel, not an intellectual procedure.

What you need to observe though is the fear invested in your feelings, understand it and gradually rid yourself of it.

A dialogue between Raunak and me


It is indeed thought provoking and does take more than one reading to comprehend to a fair degree.
Many philosophies point towards letting go of ego to experience true joy. I agree with this thought as far as ego equals vanity.
But the moment these suggestions point towards one’s mind and direct people to aim towards thoughtlessness, I no longer agree.
The way out of pain and suffering is not trying to get rid of the “I”. This method is very difficult, if not completely impossible. The way towards bliss, according to me, is becoming more aware of the “I”, developing the knowledge to identify causes of emotions and becoming a witness to oneself. It does not lie in shunning desires, but in being able to identify the nature of these desires and master them.

That, which is natural cannot be discarded or prevented from occurring. Desires, vanity, ego, fear, love are natural emotions. Freeing oneself from them does not mean that one will never experience them. It means that when they do arise, one knows how to deal with them. Happiness lies in becoming a Master of our emotions, and not someone emotionless.


You see how easy is to “read in” things I never said.

I never mention in this post something about “emotionless” or “shunning desires” – on the contrary I claim that ego out of fear to lose control, doesn´t stand and hampers true desire and passion. .
That´s exactly what happens: that, which is natural IS either discarded or prevented by the ego from occurring – to put it bluntly – ego cannot stand “natural occuring”

If you “know” in advance how to “deal” with emotion, it means that we know nothing about being sponataneous, and in fact, are afraid of emotions, we are afraid of Life, as life is emotion, a totally unknown, sponteneous and unpredictable movement. .

As a final word in this comment:

Contrarary to what it is ubiquitously said – LOVE IS NOT EMOTION. Love is ineffable Presence.


The final word is something I’m going to agree with


Block one emotion and the rest suffer

I reblog this most amazing, lucid, dispassasionate and true observation made by a
14-year-old boy.

“I talk about emotion a lot. It could be because I’m exploring what exactly it is. I think people as a whole are beginning to explore emotion more too. And the exploration of something like that, something as powerful as the feelings that we feel, is enormous. It’s massive. It’s scary, for sure, but that’s because it’s still hidden in uncharted waters that are just waiting to be charted.

Emotion plays a central role in our lives, whether we choose to express it or compress it. I realize that much of my inspiration derives from my feelings. It’s just a major part of being human, of feeling and seeing life.


It seems like sometimes nobody wants to hear you. They just want the pretty little, docile you. Well that’s not really you, and honestly, you shouldn’t listen to them. (Photo credit: nathangibbs)

As I’ve written about before, a lot of emotion is tabooed in modern society, because it isn’t safe and it certainly isn’t comfortable. How many of us are okay with open displays of grief or anger? Not many. But both anger and grief are a part of each and every one of us. When we deny that to ourselves, we deny ourselves from expression.

So as a result, we try to hide the feelings we don’t like within ourselves, and discourage displays of those feelings from others. If we can smile and laugh all the time, why ever not? Unfortunately, nobody can laugh and smile all the time. Not legitimately, at least.

The thing is, we don’t realize that all of our emotions are interconnected, and when one suffers, when one is plugged away rather than allowed the freedom to be released, the rest are affected. Somebody once told me that every part of the body is connected. It makes perfect sense, really – the muscles rely on the brain, the brain relies on the blood, the blood relies on the heart, etc. When you’re sick, the stability of your entire body is impacted. And I found it particularly interesting that oftentimes cancer for a certain part of the body ends up spreading to other parts and damages them as well. Being that I find so much interest in balances, it intrigues me that when even just one part of the system falls out of place, the rest are influenced negatively.

It’s exactly the same way for emotion. You cannot express in one way if you suppress in another. Acceptance comes into play here – can you accept your feelings, even the uncomfortable/painful/difficult ones? If you can, the equilibrium is allowed a chance to survive. If you can’t, the equilibrium cannot be. It’s that simple.

And as I’ve said before, emotion can be everything sometimes. It’s what makes life so sweet, so exciting, so unpredictable. For the most part, it’s of our control. Emotion to me is a teacher on how to live moving with the flow rather than against it.

All emotion is equal, important, and felt for a reason. Emotion has it’s time and place, certainly, but it should never be pushed too far aside, because when even one emotion is suppressed, all of the rest suffer.”


Soul and Science

Have you ever wondered what “psychology” means etymologically?

Well, it comes from Greek: ψυχή – psihi  which means soul, and λόγος – logos, meaning word, reason, cause, or in our current interpretation – science. The science of the Soul with other words.

This is a very difficult topic to approach and to make my point would require a long exposure, but I am trying to render it in just few words.


Nobody knows really. Materialism denies the existence of a soul, and for that matter our present science is based on the same assumption. Soul is something bitterly dismissed, something relegated to kindergarten tales, or considered a product of some delirious fool´s imagination. More or less derisory self-delusion.

What do you do when you know and experience that something invisible – Soul – is not simple fabrication but the most supreme reality, and this very unshakable knowledge vehemently contradicts the general belief?

Who is right…? Me knowing beyond any shadow of doubt that Soul is reality, or science who shamelessly denies that?

Just imagine the conflicts and fierce contempt I had to put up throughout the years, trusting my inner voice and not what I was expected to believe. HOW CAN I BELIEVE IN “SCIENTIFIC” APPROACH WHEN ITS INHERENT IDEAS DENY AND DEMEAN ME, MY INNERMOST FEELING, MY VERY REALITY?

I will tell you: SCIENCE IS A TOTAL SHAM as long as soul is not taken into account!! The reductionist ideas from which science derives are sheer stupidity and arrogance as they are ontologically incorrect – as long as it doesn´t consider man´s totality of being !

Look unbiased around and see what happened to mankind holding the current belief that soul doesn´t exist. The consequence of that?…DISEASE…

Yes, disease which is caused by the denial of all feelings related to soul …Emotional disease which lies behind all our afflictions.

OUR SOUL IS ILL! Our soul is in agony. These demeaning ideas invented by some fools like Newton, Descartes and Darwin from which “modern” science has arisen, are the very reason to our present sickness. They have killed life within us.


Look around – people are terribly afraid of emotion, they are afraid to feel, to embrace their greatness, their soul. Of course they are afraid, cause EMOTION POINTS TO WHO YOU ARE and not to what you have been told you are.

That is why we have this total inane and stupid world of today –  because we have killed our soul, our emotion. WE ARE AFRAID OF OUR REAL NATURE.

The soul is the abode of all beauty, greatness, virtue, wisdom, Love, Art…We are constantly denying our soul, thus we deny Life with all its treasures.

Now, what is imperative is TO HEAL OUR SOUL. BUT “HOW” DO WE DO IT? WHO CAN HELP US…?
Who can heal us when our so-called psychologists and doctors are themselves suffering from the same illness?

As Soul belongs to the unseen – how can we penetrate deeply and lucidly into these ineffable realms, in order to save ourselves and re-establish THE INNER ORDER WITHIN…?