Watch out for them

Narcissists are enchanting, until they are not. Woe betide you if you let yourself be drawn into their snare:
There is no measure as to their callousness, cruelty and recklessness once they hook you.They take a malicious pleasure to inflict suffering and misery in subtle or vehement ways. It´s very hard to trace them though, because they are incredible masters in faking emotion.

Unless you are a masochist wanting a rollercoaster life, living mostly in the abyss of their emotional absence, you should never choose a narcissist for a friend or love partner.

Can we define “ugly”?

Like Beauty, the Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Beauty understands and incorporates ugliness. Can the ugly in its turn, ever perceive beauty?…

Really, why is modern man so ugly?

This blatant lack of personality and expression you encounter everywhere, emotional absence, those empty kind of glances, sufficiency and frightening vanity…All these countenances you see around with no trace of passion, presence or interrogative awareness…

Yes, ugliness is inarticulate and vapid, but the ugliness I talk about is ugly not because it is “ugly” but because intrinsically, IT IS ABSENCE – and Absence is neither beautiful nor ugly

Unfortunately, vividness can hardly be described. Yet, in the nearness of Beauty

though, there is order, there is a sense of balance, a poignant and benignant vibration.

In the nearness of ugliness there is an overwhelming feeling of disproportionate inutility, disorder, unbearable flatness and appalling tastelessness.

Ugliness – the icon modernity prays to.