Don’t forget…

Everything you tried to do as a separate ‘self’, or tried not to do, was wrong, was just more resistance against Emptiness and more moving away… Everything you did was wrong because YOU were doing it.

Your self by definition IS resistance, and thus could not stop resistance…But when you truly see that every move you make is a move away from non-dual Emptiness, a resistance, then the entire machination of resistance winds down…. And the surrendering of this resistance is the opening of Emptiness, the actualization of no-boundary consciousness.

You will awake as if from a long, foggy dream to find what you knew since the beginning of time: you, as a separate self, do not exist. Your real Self, the All, was never born, will never perish… There is only Consciousness as Such in all directions, absolute and all-pervading, radiant through and as all conditions…the source and suchness of everything that arises moment to moment…. utterly prior to this world but not other than this world… All things are just a ripple in this pond; all arising is a gesture of this One…

– Björn Kempe

Consciousness is empty

A busy mind will never know anything for real

The journey back to Life

God damn it, there are moments when you distinctly feel that

Everything around feels dead and inarticulate. A desolate world of unhappy shadows.

No matter how strenuously you search outwardly, there is nothing there.
Or there is… – only emptiness, despondency and endlessly mute sorrow.

In spite of this boastful story as to the many choices and richness of this age,
you are constantly referenced to Nothing.

Nothing and nothing…or variations of nothing everywhere.
In one word, wherever you turn, that´s what you get:


Different plausible and implausible ways to remain dead.
Different thinkable or unthinkable means to end up Nowhere.

“Nowhere” is the single destination…If before all roads used to lead to Rome, today all roads leed to Death.

When we realize and face this factual morbid predicament of these days,
there is only one way:


Our purpose and real destination is to be found inwardly above all. If you look outside for happiness and sense, you will look in vain – like most people do.

So if you want to feel real, dignified and alive, there is no other way but plunging
into “the inner seas.”

Unless the process of your inner journey is purposely recognized and initiated,
you will senselessly drift around in utter desolation, constantly falling the victim
of the nothingness of the present Zeitgeist.