A new space within

The “richer” you are, the more insensitive you become…

We are rich with knowledge, with experiences, with memories of all kinds.

We are the captives of our desires and yearnings, we are struggling to fulfill our dreams, but at the end of the day, we are nothing but the slaves of our false ideals.

We have worked so hard to achieve goals, done “the right things”, but more often than not we remain miserable, frustrated, hollow.

That´s for sure, we equate happiness with “having”. I have money, position, a career and God knows what.

Can you see that all these psychological or material possessions have done nothing but raising walls around you? That these possessions only enhanced your isolation? That you, in fact, strive for, reinforce and take isolation for “happiness”?…

Your mind is full to the brim with desires of all kinds, real or imagined cares, antagonistic thoughts; you are hopelessly caught in this never-ending inner dialogue.

Now, in this state of supersaturation, how do you expect Life to reach you?

How can you ever be free and creative, going from prison to prison?

Can you understand that living in this utter closeness, creates more and more frustration?

Are you aware, that your only chance to be alive is to get rid of all psychological striving, that it is imperative to break out of your inner prison, to face your conditioning and let go of it?

Life is ever new, It renews itself second by second, and in order for you to feel that, you have to start this difficult process of deliberately emptying your mind.

Only through “dying” consciously, will you experience the grace and beauty of every single moment.

This “empty” new space within you, is the secret abode from which Everything is being created.


Keep your vessel empty so Life can pour her gifts!

The process would be: do, forget, do, forget; cause if you always remember what you do, you won´t be able to receive anything, as  you will be filled to the brim with your own importance.

So… forget! 🙂