Putting the blame on someone else is blatant refusal to look at ourselves


Thinking is hard work. It can be easier to dismiss something as an evil than to understand the conditions that cause the problems we see. Labeling a villain allows people to more easily go on without carefully considering what everybody (especially they, themselves) could be doing to make things better.

This is why our mass media are so quick to set up enemies to rail against on TV whether it’s on Fox News or MSNBC, and it all serves the purpose of that isolation you’re talking about.


Yes, it´s always easy to label someone a villain, as if the villain didn´t have a story…

But alas, it is too damn hard and even dangerous to analyze how he ended up being a wrongdoer, cause if we took the trouble to understand and unfold his story, we would realize that his story is ours…

Indeed to put the blame on someone else – the list can be interminable as to who bears the blame – “entitles” us to stay secure in our shortsighted pettiness, going on concealing our dark side, refusing to see our involvement in everything there is.

Living so fragmentary, is another trick to dismiss “the whole picture”. It´s easier to see everything as an “accident” instead of facing our responsibility.

Even when people get irrevocably ill, they overlook the fact that their life was diseased long before the actual sickness. They would never admit though that their behaviour and way of living was defective and deficient, cause it would be too unbearable to look at.

So if we wanna recover, we have to honestly reconsider and regain Our Real Story.