Beware who you meet

There are energy thieves who are masters in faking a connection, who literally not only feed themselves on, but bind your whole attention to them. To give you nothing in return.

So be wise and give yourSelf your undivided interest first, and you will gain the clear vision to differentiate the vampires from the genuinely loving souls.

Watch out who you meet

When you are well, and the level of your energy is up, they flock around you. Because you´re gullible, you are tempted to believe they like and wish you well, and so you open up. Often unreservedly.

Such capital mistake to believe people reciprocate you. Very few – if any!! – do. They couldn´t care less. Most of them are simply interested to cunningly steal your hard acquired flow – then leave you in the lurch.

Health is energy flowing seamlessly through you.

So beware:

Disease lurks when you have been deprived of your life force…

Can we ever heal an evil destiny?

I got this following letter from a reader. With his permission I post it here – cause really, his predicament surpasses my ability to give him a proper answer. So maybe those of you reading this might have a clue out of his plight.

Here it is:

“I am truly puzzled.

There is something within me which somehow quashes and steals my healthy perception. To such extent that I end up being a stranger in my own life – insofar as I am out of touch with my potential.

I am not a so-called religious person, but my situation can be very well illustrated with this excerpt:

“I practice the very evil that I do not want. But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me.”- Romans 7-20

Thing is that this malevolent energy is at work in anything I undertake. With other words, everything fails me – be it job projects, relations, or love affairs.


It feels many times that I am under some kind of spell. I am aware that this sounds far-fetched and unrealistic. But I see this happening obsessively around me.

It´s as if my Destiny is the reckless play of these blind forces inside of me.

So my question to you is this:

Have you ever experienced that in your own life?

Do you therefore have any idea HOW one can deal with and neutralize this outlandish energy thieves?

Sometimes I wonder if I should seek the help of a shaman of sorts to help me out of this spell which really poisons and robes me of my life force?…”