Discussion in a bar in Leros

Are you serious? the girl asked him.

His knowledge of English was scarce, like his intelligence. He answered her in a rather outraged manner:

I am not “Serious” I am Greek…

To all my English readers

Lately I have been writing mainly in English.

Due to fact that my Swedish and Romanian readers have increased substantially, and also because it would be quite inappropriate and impractical to keep different blogs in different languages, from now on I will write more both in Romanian – my native tongue –  and Swedish – my “adoptive” tongue.

We all know that certain texts sound best in the original language. It´s a hell of a job to translate from one language to the other, but if time permits I will try.

All texts irrespective of the language they were written, appear on the same page. I wish it was different, but my technical knowledge how to deal with different language sections is rather scarce.

Finishing now my unobtrusive post I wonder:

What is the best language suited to express Love? 🙂

In what language Love thrives best?

L´amore chi muove il sole e l´altre stele. Love who moves the Sun and all the other stars.

Dante Aligheri