An unsolvable dilemma

I feel sometimes like I am the only one interested to live.
To be alive. To live a creative, meaningful and worthy life.

I am ashamed to live in a weird age where people´s only interest and main
motivation is to keep the status quo and remain dead…

To do nothing, other than indulging in narcissistic bunkum, noise and
furious nothingness.

Damn it, their only skill is to mimic life. To feign. To ruin and distort.

The tacit message is this: I DON´T WANT.

This “I don´t want” applies to anything real, but intrinsically this blunt refusal

Woe betide you, if you remind them of this though…

Everywhere you go you are harshly penalized for being alive. FOR BEING YOURSELF.

Whatever good you try fails irremediably.
You are being ostracized, ridiculed, discarded, 
in every thinkable and unthinkable way,
once you have the nerve to try and bring about 
another different and healthy viewpoint.

So why try anything after all?…They obstinately defend their right to be dead.
That´s it…

I for one feel hopelessly lonely. Stuck. I simply don´t know anymore.

What on earth can you do in a sick age like this…?

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Who am I to you? Who are you to me?

Can you trust yourself?

The same self that has been affected by the afore-mentioned “confused confusing”
environmental factors right from childhood; and concepts of right/wrong, sane/warped
have been attacked even before some basic foundations have been laid? Without external
influences, are we even sure we would turn out fine with reliable inner voices?

Also, regarding the “society”, it is made up of people like you and I, and so may not always be wrong if individually they heed their inner voices (if this inner voice is reliably right).


Who am I…?

Is this “I” an isolated random phenomenon?…

Is what I call “my life” a subjective story shaped by my concepts of right or wrong, is my “personal experience” only my own, am I only a sum of different confusions and mishaps?

Who is there to tell?…

Who – or What – is responsible for the clear perception within me, for “my” real successes,
for the true and authentic achievements hitherto?…

What can you rely on at the end of the day, when smashing successes turn to be
failures, and failures success…?

What is there to be trusted…?

Can I know anything for real?…
Indeed, do I know myself in order to trust myself?

The question can be also posed like this:
Do I know others in order to rely on myself?

Where do “I” begin, and where does the other fellow humans “finish”…?

Likewise, where begins the “internal” and where “the external”?

If my relation to you is “warped”, how can I ever stand upright? Meaning that
in order to trust myself, I have to trust you too…cause you and me is the problem,
the real discourse…the very foundation of anything.

Consequently, where there is a steadfast foundation built on trust and reciprocity,
we would turn out fine with our reliable inner voices.

Nature´s inexorable imperative

Adapt or perish, now as ever.

-H. G. Wells

What I am involves what you are

Allan Watts

Community today

We are together but each one is masturbating on his own.

Are we prepared to assume anything?…

This foul and hideous age, this ludicrous wasteland devastates everything.

It invariably eats it all up, leaving us destitute, demeaning and suffocating,
robbing us of the last traces of dignity and humanity.

One single individual – like me now – has no chance of stopping it, it´s like trying to struggle against a modern army with your bare hands.

A single voice cannot make the difference, let´s face it. It is like whispering a poem
in a crowded market.

IT IS BAD…we all know this. From day-to-day it becomes even worse.

Life loses irretrievably against this repulsive inertia. I for one, feel more and more
constricted. More blocked. Everywhere more and more absence, indifference,
sickness and resignation.

Other than rhetorical artifice, are we prepared to assume anything?

I cannot handle this alone. Writing interesting posts brings no real benefit!

It may sound sentimental but it’s not:

The individual has no chance against this undifferentiated evil.

Can we break this inertia and reach some kind of consensus, so that we create a
context – a network based on unprejudiced dialogue, rising above this current madness?

Or we choose to stay in our comfort zone, swallowing up this filth, giving our life away
to a nightmare?

What do you say…?

Change means transformation


No one can truly fully understand anything and I agree that Change is an empty word but the essence of the word contains invaluable fortune. As Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world’.

When? Where and How?

These are the questions usually left to be answered but never posed. The when and where are simple, it’s here and now as you mentioned on one of your other posts, but in developing the answer on how, you are granted great wisdom. Change is an empty word for those who do nothing but it’s a sense of growth and accomplishment for those who do. Agree or disagree?


You see, once you are famished, you won´t ask HOW you are supposed to eat – you will simply eat.

If your house is on fire, you won´t stay in watching TV pretending all is well – as the majority of people do – but run away immediately.
So with “change” – if you see that something urgently needs to be changed, that inner urge will naturally find a concrete way.

It´s a fact:

Change means transformation. Transformation doesn´t happen through grandiloquent words, but through appropriate action. Either we change, or we will face utterly dire consequences, which we are already witnessing.

Most humans refuse to see the impending danger of their mendacious and obsolete outlook on life, constantly indulging in the inertia of fleeing the real problem.

Unfortunately, I speak – I hear

Wake up call.

If your house was burning, and if you are reasonably sane
you wouldn´t sit engaging in love novels,
but find a solution to quench the fire.

The situation is critical.

Instead of taking right action in order to find sustainable
solutions to impending matters,
we indulge in inept and nonsensical imbecility,
stubbornly overlooking
within and around us.

Our cowardice and refusal to see will
have fatal consequences…

We are the victims of our petty expectations

André Breton once said that if you are not able to imagine a stud riding a tomato you are an idiot. Mostly we are the slaves of our interests and we invariably refuse to see anything or anyone who is not part of or fails to meet our expectations.
Not only that we have become frighteningly petty, but this very attitude has made life become arid, awfully boring and insipid. If you are not able to grasp the
so-called unimportant things like the falling leaf, the noise of a door in the subway, or the fleeing glance of a passerby, then you are a stranger and a slave in your own life.

Switch perspective

Change is not wishful thinking, real change is your readiness to change.