Bliss is never the outcome of an ideal

Indeed, we have created the ideal. But now it all depends on what Ideal means to each human being. I saw ideal as a goal, as a worthwhile higher aim to strive for. This however, does not deny each and everyone´s need for more.


Truth can never be an “ideal”, that is, it can never be “relativized” – though this is what we assume all the time: “it depends on what Ideal means to each human being”.

With other words, you claim that everyone is free and has the right to imagine anything.

Escaping Life, is manifested in myriad forms and expressions, but escaping – that is,
fear – remains one and the same for all.

I am not necessarily pointing here to factual reality – man needs food, shelter, etc. – but to the psychological state of things.
This inner need “for more” is ideal – can you lucidly see this?

The yearning for “more” – that is to acquire, to accumulate knowledge or money, to be someone, to have a name, to be or not to be something – implies escaping What is. This obsessive search for safety, which itself is generated by fear, is desire seeking fulfillment. Craving for “more” is Ego in its eternal discontent.

“More” is the derivative of dissatisfaction, isn´t it quite clear?

Just ponder:

You must for sure have had moments of great fulfillment, moments in which “more”
or “less” was superfluous. You weren´t searching anymore, as you were deeply satisfied.

You were Blissful in those moments of deep contentment. For sure, Bliss is Presence, presence which is a mighty Joy, an unwavering Peace.

This presence does not belong to becoming, projection or future. Becoming and achieving in time is subterfuge, it is escaping into our own image, never the truth – the Bliss – we are talking about.

She thought, she got scared, she vanished.

Once more she successfully escaped her natural emotion.

Another worth considering dialogue

Paul says:

I would not say I am attempting to flee, at least not from the depression aspect. I may desire to flee from the isolation, but I always kind of thought spending time with others was the answer. You raise an interesting thought though, and one I cannot dismiss.

My main problem is my inability to think and feel making introspection quite challenging if at all possible. I literally experience a blank slate type of feeling at all times, both mentally and emotionally.

However, I do seem to recognize the possibility of truth in your words. Maybe isolation is more of some sort of fear towards one’s Being, fear towards oneself.

I want to spend some time on your questions though, but I do think you are to onto something here.


Spending time with others can be an answer – provided that these “others” are willing and interested in HONEST PARTICIPATION. For the most part, they are not…

As long as we try to fill isolation through others, we´ll encounter even more disappointment.
It´s quite clear: everybody tries hardly to escape isolation through all kind of tricks and stratagems: dominating or letting themselves be dominated, arrogance or aggression, complaint, constant competition, malice, manipulation, gossip or God knows what other twisted grimaces…for sure, very few are genuinely interested to dig to the root of the problem.

You say:
“I literally experience a blank slate type of feeling at all times, both mentally and emotionally.”

This state of yours, is the “legacy” of this present age: an obsessive and inane attempt to do away with Thought and Feeling. You are a partaker in the Present Drama. And the story of modernity is Absence…

Isolation is basically separation from Being. Fear in fact is, proclaimed separation.