Meli asking

“Where to fit into this world, Julien, where…?”

This sounds like a terrible platitude dear Meli…but really…You can only fit into yourself…Once you truly thoroughly understand that, “the Place”, the Hint, your Sense – the Why of You -, will be simply conveyed to you…


Sounds very wise, thanks…

At the moment I’m just a bit desperate about all these neo-liberal changes and developments in politics, reading a book also on how capitalism changes our mind-set etc… It’s all about competition, the ego now…. And I feel people become more and more like that…. And then there are so many other inequalities, sexism, patriarchy in general etc. You know what I mean…. Conservative, stupid people all over… But maybe that’s also arrogant to say, I don’t know!…


What you say is the “right” survey of this present age, no doubt about that. There is a but…And the big But is that Everything existing is our creation. Knowingly or mostly unknowingly you have participated to the way things look like. Don´t try to analyze this thought though. You just  simply have to delve into Yourself, and find The Place, that unchanging place, which is beyond strife, competition, categories…Of course, if you never made the experience of that “inner” place, my words seem totally inappropriate…

See it like this: Look at your despair without trying to change it…Escape it. Judge it. Stay with the problem. Don´t try to find What, Where or Where to… To the extent it´s possible, just delve…

Linger a moment. To quote Matt Licata:

“Just love yourself enough to just…Stop…”

Whatever we see is our creation

We create our reality.

I am aware that to the average skeptical mind this statement may sound flat and totally unfounded.

The gravity of this issue requires a serious thorough approach hardly possible to put in few words, yet I will do my best to make my point in few coherent lines :

Most of us are afraid to look within, because investigating what´s inside of us is a big threat, and indeed, starting this inner journey is undertaking a big risk as we never know what we may find in there – what we may be and become.

The equation is quite simple: due to conformity and intellectual laziness, we refuse to delve inside, so we give the responsibility of our life to others. We let them decide for us, choose for us, take care of us.
It is quite clear, that when you shun your inner responsiblity expecting others to find solutions for you, they will for sure manipulate and mistreat you.

They will create the exact Reality that you are fleeing from. It is this mad reality we all know very well, with its absurdity, recklessness, violence and stupidity.

Of course, seeing today´s society, you will claim that you have no involvement in these injustices – you couldn´t have created deliberately such a confusion and chaos, it is not your fault for the present state of things.

And yet, it is our “fault”. WHATEVER WE SEE IS OUR CREATION.

I repeat, consciously or unconsciously, YOU AND ME HAVE CREATED ALL THIS REALITY. Our fault is our fear and our lack of courage to find out WHO WE ARE.

Trying to go the easy way, we have avoided taking responsibility for our lives, totally ignoring our inner voice, getting rid of our humanity.

Now, I think it is ripe time to recognize these basic facts.  Freedom is courage to investigate and challenge all false beliefs. But as long as we put the blame on someone else for this miserable state of things, we will continue to be the slaves of our own lies.

These very lies can lead us to extinction. All other political, economical or social issues are subterfuges. If we fail to recognize that, we are doomed.

Refusing to know who we are, is refusing to live.