Stop hiding behind self-demeaning concepts

Julien, it is confusing:  I can´t put it more succinctly, but fact is that I don’t seem to be accomplished at separating the absolute from the relative. It all kind of seems to merge into this very moment.

There is no such thing as a clear delimitation between so-called absolute and relative. So in the same manner, I am not accomplished either at separating them. In that sense, there is no distinction between a speck of dust and a galaxy. IT¨S ALL THE SAME….But this non-distinction – that is, to live in this grand manner, where the “little” is as huge as “the gigantic”, – is enormously daunting for humans…Why?…- Because to live in this greatness requires responsibility. When one understands that one is The One, you can no longer hide behind self-demeaning and denigrating concepts…- BEHIND THE “LITTLE INSIGNIFICANT ME”…One can no longer escape oneself, blaming the other…One can no longer fuck around claiming to be a witless sham…