No truth, no empathy, no interest for genuine contact – empty souls in search of fulfillment

This quote is not mine, but it feels as if it was my experiences depicted.

“…Bad people come to us as sweetness and light, charming, intelligent, confident, and often successful.  But, they are chameleons who will say whatever is necessary in order to get what they want and do what they may.  No truth.  No empathy.  No soul.  Shape-shifting through life they reinvent themselves to suit their audience so as to be everything to everyone.

Inside, they are soulless.  Alone.  Scared.  Afraid of being found out and exposed as a fraud.  Their fragile self-image hides behind a facade of confidence, humor, and “I’m above it all.”  Hence, they appear arrogant, haughty, and cannot bear scorn or reproach.”


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