Thwarting and discarding progress is worse than felony…

Humans not only don’t encourage it, but are so viciously afraid of evolution, that they arrest and suppress in every thinkable and unthinkable way the slightest attempt of sound inner growth and pervasive ethical awareness.

With other words, if I, since time immemorial have been flawed and utterly deficient, you better remain that way too. After all, we are fucking democratic when it comes to being a failure.

Believe in your potential

The media and the leaders of society are not really supporting this new evolutionary belief, it is clear that they don´t want you to be aware of your great power and inner potential residing in yourself, because it undermines the corporate entities that have taken advantage of that belief, by controlling our belief.

We buy what they say, we do what they do, we create a war when they say create a war and so forth. Of course they don´t want you to know of the great power you dispose, cause then you create your own life.

Bruce Lipton

Faster than ever

The thing is that we are not victims of anything more than our belief. We don´t need to wait 1000 years.

Evolution can happen this afternoon, depending on how much and how fast we are changing our belief system.