For whoever is ready to hear

To be able to play a musical instrument well, along with technical skill, it requires ABOVE ALL, a formidable unforced yet swift and alert attention.

Not only that Music asks for heeding and hearing each and every Instant as if it was new, but it demands the impossible: namely, to be aware of tones which go in fractions of seconds

I repeat: not seconds but fractions of seconds.

Imagine you being compelled to find order and right relation between those tones in that intense velocity. AND YET… If I make an analogy, one needs that incredible sensitivity, inner sharpness and rest when it comes to “outwitting” and de-conditioning the obsolete mind…

Only in that unspeakable speed can we deal with mind in all its insidious entitlements:

Thought, name, time, corporeity, memory, experience…

Changing your inner landscape for a new life to emerge

It is not about changing your life but about changing your inner landscape so that a new life can emerge. Make peace with where you are RIGHT NOW, no judgment, and allow some more ease and spaciousness to come in, to relieve you emotionally. So much of your energy is caught up in struggle right now.

– Marla Estes

A meaningful dialogue about thinking, resentment and pain

She writes:
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and everything you’ve said to me thus far. You’re very weird. In a good way – big grin. But I wonder sometimes whether thinking too deeply about “the point of it all” is what is in the way of just being. Have you noticed the people who go through life selfishly, without a care for those around them seem quite content? Sometimes I wish I could function without fear of the consequences of my actions, without continuously beating myself up about my past. If it isn’t something I can change there is no point is there? And yet, my trips down memory lane grow frequent, without my consent. How does one let go of all this bitterness? Be free of all the resentment and pain?

Forgive me for my ramblings, I do not of course expect you to have all the answers (then you’d be God) just wondering out loud.

For the record, people who are selfish are the victims of their fear, and basically they don´t care for others, because they have no clue to what Love is…They play so, but they are never content, it´s just a superficial mask.

So I forgive you for your ramblings, because you happen to ramble interestingly 🙂
I don´t have all the answers, or do I…? 🙂 I may be God and don´t know it yet…

No, but really, I have “answers”, and the applying of these answers on myself,
have brought about this incredible process of deep transformation I am unfolding.

Here is the deal:

“Thinking” can never be “deep”. Simply because thinking is a mechanical repetition of the past through the never-ending sequence of memory. A constant reiteration of different experiences, reinforced through “remembrance”.

Thinking can only happen in time. And time and memory can never grasp the timeless. Can you see that…?

Now…If you are caught in thinking – that is, in time – whatever change you try to bring about will fail. No matter whatever “new” you will apply yourself to, you will continue with the same pattern in a different guise. That is what you say with “my trips down memory lane grow frequent, without my consent.”

The conditioning has you in its grip.

With other words, your past is stronger than your true sense of I-ness. But who you really are, is not a sum of your experiences.

“How does one let go of all this bitterness?”

Bitterness is your resistance to What is. Life consists of sorrow too, and at some point, you need to unreservedly meet your sorrow without any judgement. Trying to be free of “your dark side” doesn´t rid you of pain. You cannot be free of your resentment, unless you deliberately choose to stop fleeing your pain.

So delve…In plain langauge, learn to stay with What is, without any choice.
That´s a hard one, since we are masters in running away from ourselves.

“Sometimes I wish I could function without fear of the consequences of my actions,
without continuously beating myself up about my past.”

Psychological fear can exist only where there is division. Fear is the space between two thoughts, a gap between different aspects which your perception makes up.

Only you may know what “the consequences” would be, but if you want different consequences, you have to stop beating up yourself, that is, stop punishing yourself, or whoever you may think responsible for your plight, becoming aware of your secret wish to take revenge…

Hope my words mirror something meaningful in you 😉

Bliss can never equate experience

Some people probably know from birth what their bliss is.
Others?… Experience tells them…

I just fell into mine through trial and error.

Good point: trial and error. It goes for me too.
The severe teacher…

I don´t trust experience though.
When experience ceases, inspiration replaces it.

What about inspiration based on experience?

Experience is always old. It entails a sum of yesterdays,
a sum of repetitions, a sum of memories…Memory creates habit,
and habit – which basically is resistance to whatever
new – leads inevitably to fear…

Utterly speaking experience is fear…

Etymologically, inspiration means Immediate influence of God,
to inhale, to breath in.

Hence, how can inspiration – which is something ever new – can
equate something inevitably old?

Il nostro destino

I found this beautiful quote in Jennifer Allison´s today´s post:

“Non abbiate paura, il nostro destino
Non può essere presa da noi, è un dono “.
– Dante Alighieri, Inferno

“Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.”

I really wonder though…

What do you do the times when Destiny feels like pure hell…?
You are irrevocably caught in its whims, and these “whims” are so incredibly precise…

I speak from own experience:

No matter if immense hardships can show in due time to be a blessing in
disguise… – Can we still see Destiny´s dark side as a gift…?

Never ever settle for accepting straight facts

Intriguing synchronicities have unfolded these last days.

Apparently, when something powerful is felt and expressed, that insight kind of affects the whole field of consciousness, and the ones on the same frequency pick it up.

Tonight, while quoting Jacob Barnett In order to succeed, you must look at everything with your unique perspective, and not settle for accepting the straight facts, concomitantly I received a text message from a composer friend of mine who has suffered all his adult life due to bad teachers at the Music Academy who spoiled his natural confidence and choked his inner voice. Really, I was really taken aback reading his line:

If most of the people have similar backgrounds of experience, what will become of the uniqueness of each and everyone?”

As it happens, the answer was at hand for him.

To be mentioned that I have known this guy for the last 30 years, and as long as I remember, he never before used the word “uniqueness”, let alone asking a similar question.

We speak very rarely these days – every second month or so…
Why did he “choose” that very moment for his question…?

This is quite staggering, to say the least…

The unique skill of mirroring the other

This is highly unlikely I will manage to put right words to what I want to say, but I´ll try.
Put Reason aside for a while, letting other levels in you conceive this.

To be able “to perceive” another person, one needs to have established that ineffable peace of mind which is so uncommon for our days. You need to look deep into your real nature, in order to understand and back up the other.

For most people, knowledge means their own projection transferred on one another. Knowledge entails thus, something you have learned before, something you have accumulated through experience, and as experience means often conditioning, it is rather an inappropriate tool when it comes to mirroring the other.

Most people don´t perceive rightly, but make you just a part of their projection.

True knowledge as to understanding the other, requires the almost unearthly task of letting projection die – something that common man loathes. 

At the end of the day, every person is a mystery – a puzzle. In order to solve that puzzle, you need to be free from Knowing, and rely completely on the moment´s intuition. 

Real openness means, again, to be free from any kind of knowledge, given that you´ve gone through all the stages of knowledge. Pretty paradoxical…

In plain words, to assist someone implies to dare go with the other person on a untrodden path. 

Eventually, that´s what life is about –  to unravel together the mystery of every moment..

What is the State – commenting Paul´s post

It just kind of struck me now – the word State is the same as state… – as inner emotional condition.

So the State, is nothing but a sum of different twisted emotional and mental states…A sum of ubiquitous madness basically…

Can collective madness be counteracted …? I don´tknow…

What I know for sure though is that we can “counterfeel” it…:) We can counterstrike with great Love, great emotions, with great lucidity…embracing timeless Art and refulgent Beauty…


Let´s try!!

A dialogue with Paul


What is “tomorrow”?…

Does Tomorrow exist, is Tomorrow a real entity?… Who “exists” and who “dies”…? Who wants to continue…?

What is Knowledge…? What is it to learn that you don´t already know…? Wouldn´t it be better if you tried to un-know, yes, to un-learn…?

Again…who lives and who dies…?

You say:

“Can humans even understand death? At least, before it occurs?”

If you want to understand what death is about, – or what LIFE is about – you have to have the courage to “die” now…to empty yourself wholly, completely; to let go of everything – which is not easy – to realize that you neither can “live” or “die”, that Life – that is, You – in the deepest sense, never dies.

Yes, you are this imperishable Life. Ultimately it is not about me uttering this, you have to come to the point of feeling this Immediate Truth.


This sounds very Buddhist, which is NOT a bad thing. I am intrigued by your words, and would like to further this discussion. How? That is my big question. I feel like I have the answer inside of me already, but how do I access it? How do I realize Truth? And how do I know if I am right? Or furthermore how do I think not of right versus wrong but only recognize what Is?

I am very inexperienced when it comes to spirituality and even philosophy. Guidance please?

One point I have a lot of trouble with is that of knowing – I value education very highly and I am unsure of what unlearning everything really means. Perhaps you could enlighten me? Or at least give me a better idea.


What I say probably sounds like many different things…What if we just ceased to label things, at least in this our dialogue…?

It is not so much the question about ” How”, it is more about ” Why”.

When Why is clearly stated, the How just comes by itself.

It is not “you” realizing the truth,… Truth “realizes” you, truth has nothing to do with “right” or “wrong”…What is “right” or “wrong” at the end of the day…? Again, stop labeling and listen…

When you listen, you allow the answer inside you to unfold itself. So linger and listen… you will recognize it beyond doubt…it is your very breath, even nearer…

Experience has nothing to do with ” Knowledge”. It is good that you are inexperienced. Please remain that way :)

You need no guidance…you are already guided. Imagine that these words might have been uttered by you through me.

What is education at the end of the day? I am not playing with words pondering on this.

“Unlearning” is dropping all notions about this or that…Not easy though…When all ideas are recognized as mere ideas, what is beyond ideas can manifest itself.

I am sure,
that you can take what I say, although you might not be “used” to this way of expressing things.

Can we embrace a new paradigm?

In a way, we want to find out…On the other way, our ego, somehow doesn´t allow that, and hampers us to perceive things clearly.

If I were to tell you “new things”, would your ego want to hear, or dismiss them as pure phantasy inventions?…

How can you give something unless there is also the desire of the other person to receive that? The desire to receive may be there, but, as the mind is a bad interpreter, it interprets according to its conditioning. With other words, it often doesn´t recognize the gift. The key to a problem may lie just in front of our eyes, but because it comes in a “strange” package, we won´t be able to see it, or accept it. Often we dismiss truth through indifference or sloth.

Our habits are our prison. How can we recognize “new facts” when we are conditioned to live according to outdated patterns? We claim that we are so modern, yet our way of perceiving reality is old: we keep repeating and reiterating our ancestors´ totally false ideas about reality which we still  take as The True Paradigm. Can we recognize that the Paradigm of Darwin, Newton and Descartes is totally outdated, that this specific assumption that life is nothing but a material process, can be the menace for our survival?

To illustrate my point: if only the strongest makes it, it means that life is nothing but a constant struggle for survival. Survival of the fittest is the result of pure madness, madness generated by abysmal fear. It is this fear always trying to dominate and compete. Not knowing WHAT or WHO they are, most people define themselves only through competition. Basically this thesis builds on “I dominate and kill you so I know who I am.” That´s our present recipe for success.

It is quite manifest that, having the urge to dominate, struggle and kill for life, we define ourselves ultimately through crime, through death.

In this frenzied state of despair to survive, how on earth can we have time and peace to think, consider, see and think clearly, embrace beauty, approach life with a deeper understanding and joy? It is clear, we think of ourselves as being victims to be soon executed, and how can a man constantly living with fear of extinction be sensible, generous or altruistic?…A total contradiction, don´t you think?…


Obviously, we cannot change our way of action, unless we get at the very Ideas which generated our wrong way of thinking. I am aware that it is overwhelming to start considering life and ourselves as a part of a spiritual grand design, but failing to recognize that, we are doomed.

Are we prepared for a new comprehension of Reality?…

Who is going to answer: our Real Self, or the fearful Ego…?