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The seeress confesses

“Am I maybe going insane?…Sometimes I have the impression that your blog was created for me…I feel that everything in my life has led me to where I am today and will be in the future…Everything just falls into place perfectly overtime…

The less I think…the less I do.. – the more amazing life…

It feels nice to go with the flow and hearing everything click with not much effort…”

Sometimes I get into feeling that I’m in this all alone

Says Maria Estes on Facebook. She goes on:

“Recently I was feeling that way, while I was eating a piece of toast. I thought about all that went into that piece of toast, all the hands that had touched it (so to speak), that had gotten it made, to my kitchen and into my mouth. I realized that it’s an illusion that we’re totally on our own. It’s actually impossible.

As Lily Tomlin said: “We’re all in this alone, together.”

My comment:

The thing is that identification with thinking is the source of disease – as ultimately, thinking is “this” and not “that”…The moment you realize that life is “precisely imprecise”, well, in that very space thinking ceases, and healing can happen.

Thinking is actually a terrible misconception – it bluntly ignores that there are “other hands” preparing “the toast” claiming that it exist only by itself…as you say, it thinks that it is on its own …- which is pure madness…In fact we need to approach a new kind of thinking which embraces opposites…that´s pretty utopian of course, but I think this is our “salvation”.

Maria Estes blog:

A mind-blowing synchronicity

I have a cousin, and unlike two other cousins from my mother´s side, we never had any real contact.
Her daughter, G. found me on Facebook some time ago, and apart from changing some kind of empty pleasantries we don´t really have much in common.

This girl looks like she has descended from a painting by Vermeer: she is tall, blonde, feminine, but kind of “odd-looking” – she doesn´t in the least have any common features, although you can´t deny her being attractive: her skin is rather pale, her nose subtly elongated, her eyes are light blue and ethereal, she never uses lipstick yet she has incredibly sensuous red lips. Like I said – a girl from another age. A girl whose looks are anything but mundane.

It was last week, Friday evening. It was raining, I was waiting for the bus. As usually, I was observing
the passersby. At one point I saw a young girl and I was totally taken aback…it was G. What on earth was she doing in Stockholm? I wanted to call her by name, but… when I looked closer, it was a girl looking strikingly like her…if our double exist, than that girl was G.´s doppelganger. Unbelievable resemblance…

Highly weird…It was some kind of sign with this – I just couldn´t figure it out what…

The day after, my friend Radu a 27-year-old friend of mine from Romania calls me. “Julien, do you have
a niece, blonde, very good-looking with blue eyes?” G. was fitting exactly into his description.

As life is unpredictable I thought he might have met her somewhere by chance. “Yes, I have” I answered him  “G. the daughter of my cousin. What – did you bump into each other or so…?”

That´s strange” he went on. “Last night I DREAMED YOU INTRODUCED ME TO YOUR NIECE, and she was a gorgeous girl with blue eyes…In the dream it felt as if I was together with her.”

I was speechless…Is this mind-blowing or what…? It starts with me seeing a girl strinkingly ressembling G. with whom I have no real contact, and the day after Radu dreams about her…?

What are the chances that such an unlikely amazing serendipity like this to happen…?

I chatted with G. the same day telling her about this uncommon episode with the doppelganger and Radu´s dream of her. I suggested to her, that this is A Destiny Call for her, that Radu might be maybe someone she would like to meet.

“Oh, but I have already a boy-friend”, she said with a rather condescending and priggish tone.

She admitted that this episode was strikingly unusual, but she totally failed to see the beauty and unlikeliness of it…Really – it was outrageous…She was not even slightly curious to see Radu although he is in my friend list on Facebook.

How can you be so stupid, dull and insensitive to ignore and bluntly refuse such a blessed synchronicity…?

In Chevalier's fictional account, the characte...

In Chevalier’s fictional account, the character Griet is the model for Vermeer’s painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)synchronicity?  It might be so…that Radu could have been the love of her life…

She might realize later on in life that she can have missed the train to Happiness.

Who knows…?

Depersonalization – modern man´s curse

I will try to comment this text that Jane wrote:

“Sending a short note on Facebook, a smiley face is not the same as calling someone on the phone, hearing their voice, their laughter and sighs. What is happening is frightening. It is up to us to stop this fragmentation of our society.”

How on earth have we reached this point of horrid depersonalization? To depersonalize yourself is wanting to get rid of yourself, to substitute your humanity. Is it a frantic despicable shame we feel inside of us…? Is it some kind of guilt, remorse, angst and contempt for our human condition that we try to replace through artificial intelligence?

Why do we want to substitute ourselves? What is the reason behind our compulsiveness to project ourselves into something lifeless, something totally deprived of sensation, an idiotic machine…?

It seems to me that we are so full of guilt and bad conscience, that we can no longer endure and acknowledge our inner voice, trying desperately to silence and relinquish it, through vehemently suspending our morality.

Wanting to shun each other´s humanity, being ashamed of each other, we have created distance. It is the power of this distance and mutual resistance to one another, which is the reason behind all these monumentally stupid inventions like Facebook, all kinds of (anti) social networks and so forth…

It is this distance and shameless indifference to one another which is responsible for all these witless monstrosities.

If we don´t manage to retrieve our “lost” humanity, going through an individual and collective thorough  examination, analysing and confronting our human predicament, we will very soon be witnessing an unprecedented, most absurd hideous decay – the uprise of unimaginable chaos.

We are becoming robotic drones, as a friend said. Most people, she continued, have their head in the sand, appear apathetic, or in perhaps they are in some numb zone of sorts. I am appalled at the way in which humans ignore the pain and suffering of one another…

 I will end quoting Jim Sloman:

“The great network, successor to the internet, will itself become an adaptive complex system, one EVOLVING AT A FURIOUS RATE. When it “wakes up” we will not necessarily know that it happened; there is no way for us to know. And the great network will be alive-or already is – just as a beehive is alive. A rising consensus among researchers in artificial intelligence is that self – awareness itself may be an emergent property of a large distributed network–further, that this process of self-awareness arises in the very same way in the human mind”

Really, I ask you in all humility: IS THIS THE WORLD YOU WANT ?….

If not, we have to start immediately questioning our numbness – keeping the head in the sand is no longer a sustainable choice.

So sweet


We give away our valuable time to fear, and other people get rich on our weakness, loneliness and lacking courage to live.
The founder of Facebook makes billions on our vanity, narcissism, and  frustration. We have become so irrevocably crazy and neurotic, so afraid of confronting life spontaneously, so we let our lives be confiscated by whatever illusion of togetherness.

Perfect illusions for perfect idiots.

We don´t have a real life – but yes, we have Facebook