Doubt can save you – doubt can be your downfall

Doubt is good when it comes to questioning anything you´ve been told.

But once your particular course of action has been unmistakably revealed to you, to continue doubting will guarantee you the surest failure.

When those around you are afraid to win

…even gain will be a loss.

Time, despair and failure

“The utter despair that spreads with the passage of time. I do not know when acceptance of failure will be complete but it has started. I can only pray that when I accept fully that there is no “the one” to be found, I’ll finally find some relief.”

Indeed, utter despair that spreads with the passage of time…

Please understand that Time is Despair. As we are taught to live “in time” – time being fear – how can we be other than desperate? And of course, as “time goes”, our despair grows exponentially. Thus, TO LIVE “IN TIME” IS THE GREATEST FAILURE…Ego can survive only in time, can you see that? By definition, ego is failure, so once you drop the idea of time, ego begins to gradually dissipate. The Real You cannot fail, AS IT IS LOVE, and when you realize the illusionary aspect of ego – which is a hell of an undertaking, as ego is unspeakably cunning!!!! – you realize that You Are The One to be found. 

This mechanism I write about is childishly simple, or impossible to get – because what most likely happens, is that your ego will dismiss these words as rubbish…

Separation –  Ego – hates Oneness. Separation hates Joy. Happiness is the greatest foe to ego, believe me, as when you are happy ego cannot survive…

I repeat: NO TIME, NO EGO. “I´ll finally find some relief” – is ego´s self-decepting voice.

“Finally”… – meaning uncertainty, somewhere on the road of time…

THE FINAL IS NOW, EVERY MOMENT! Now is the moment to “make it final”, that is, TO BEGIN – to make your statement, in silence.

So if you are to find some relief, it has to be NOW – along with these words of mine.



Separation versus enlightenment

Ego´s greatest success would be if he ceased to exist… – as Ego.
As Separation.

Ego´s greatest failure – its death, is the glorious beginning of Enlightenment.


Think about that

There is no failure other than the failure of not being alive.

A fact of life

If you don´t see the urgency of finding out Who you are and what Your Vocation really is about, if you choose not to walk on the path to self-knowledge reaching a fair and authentic relationship with yourself, well, it´s bad news, as nothing real will happen, and you´ll turn into an easily dispensable entity, your life becoming a shallow series of constant failure.

What is I-ness and identity?

The hardest thing to grasp that our culture never speaks about is this:

The sense of  “I”, our very identity is intrinsically fragmentation. What is fragmented – namely our I-ness – is, and leads invariably to struggle, conflict, resistance.

What is fragmented struggles actually to wholeness – wholeness is in fact the goal for all our human endeavours, the “final” destination for al our strife and aspirations.

All manifest existence, us included, strives back to One, to wholeness, that´s the hardest paradox to fathom.

If we look without prejudice, everything we know is basically the outcome of our sense of identity. Identity trying to defend, preserve and commit itself, identity trying hard to thrive, through struggle, conflict, friction. What else can we find at the end of this road other than suffering?

What is identity? What is at the root of our very Identity…? Fear. Fear in all its infinite variations. Fear of being or not being, fear of not succeeding, fear of not reaching the Ideal, fear of this or that. To cut it short, Ego is separation, ego is fear, ego assumes an identity built on fear. At the root of every hardship, idiosyncrasy and disease is Ego.

If we manage to understand the nature of the ego – separation – we come to understand fear.

Ego being fear, whatever it undertakes is bound to fail.

Ego goes from illusion to illusion, from failure to another failure. EGO CANNOT WIN – even when it “succeeds” it is failing nevertheless.

EGO IS ABSENCE. Absence struggling hard to attain Presence, or Wholeness.

Fragmentation can never grasp wholeness! Suffering can never grasp joy or peace. Suffering is isolation, and the only way of coming out of separation and isolation is going through the illusory nature of the ego, letting go of the false idea of identity.

Once you let go, you realize that existence lives you swiftly and seamlessly. Once you feel the joy of being one with existence, you are whole and don´t need to aspire, instead you act joyously. Letting go of Ego is like travelling from Absence to Presence.

Presence can never fail!

Presence is discernment, the death of illusion and self-delusion.

Presence is Wholeness, presence is totality second by second. Homecoming!

I know that I know

This common saying “If there´s a will there´s a way” is not so common after all.

When you know what you want, when you have discovered what it is you are really aimed for, nothing or no one can stop you. Being totally dedicated and convinced of your call, there are no longer any doubts. Your purpose being clearly identified and stated, you simply act in the “right” direction. All frictions and resistances are left behind and you have free access to unimaginable energy.

Now, if you look with awaken eyes, you realize that many people never find out who they are, and what their specific way or task is in life.

They try this or that. It shows that is neither nor. They try again. Failing constantly. That would be rather appropriate to say: I fail therefore I exist. No matter if it´s about a job or a relation, whatever they “commit” themselves to, turns out to be another flop.

On a higher level nobody is unloved. On a human personal level, things are much more complicated. It seems that many people´s life is doomed to be a failure.

Descartes with his fearsome stupid “I think therefore I am”, has created more damage than he ever imagined… Many live through life being the victims of their own thinking, hence, giving their life to doubts. Of course, many times it is sensible to doubt, BUT LIVING IN CONSTANT DOUBT MEANS INVARIABLY FAILURE.

Doubting is modern man´s curse.

Doubt means continuous resistance, gruesome and incessant friction and conflict. Doubt is searching without finding. “Not knowing” anything for sure is also induced by doubt. Doubt leads mostly to frustration, draining you of all your energy. How is it possible to stay focused and happy if you have no energy, constantly living in conflict and frustration? Why do you think that everybody complains about being always tired and stressed?

Here´s the answer :

They have no clue to whom they are, they are the wrong persons in the wrong working places, they mostly have wrong partners because they fake everything, nothing really works in many people´s personal life, despite all appearance FAILING IS THEIR SHARE, all in all, it´s a flagrant fact: all these unquiet mourners are utterly unhappy and miserable.


Ultimately, doubt is wasting your precious life.

The obsession of doubt is virtue in this world. “Not knowing anything for sure” has become our everyday plague. Everything has to be relative and because it is relative, we don´t need to take a stand for anything. With other words, we don´t need to take responsibility for anything. What more idiotic and comfortable strategy than hiding behind ” I don´t know”…?

Now the question is: DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?…

Can you for a change take a different step, urgently consider and question yourself honestly, accepting that yes! It is possible to know – I CAN KNOW SOMETHING FOR SURE. I am prepared to respect and stand for my being and for my own truth!

Can I trust my knowing even if I am “wrong”? At the end of the day, does “wrong” exist? Wrong exists as long as you don´t take a stand and remain a coward.

Do I want to find out? Can I take the trouble to examine myself and find my own unshakable answers, or do I want to be taken care of this ageless relativistic bullshit propaganda because I am afraid?

Do you want to be a happy person with integrity? Than  ALLOW YOURSELF TO KNOW SOMETHING FOR SURE! That is, LIVE YOUR OWN TRUTH IF IT FEELS RIGHT!

This socratic statement that “I know that I don´t know” is outlived. What about I KNOW THAT I KNOW?

How would that sound…?