If you understand that you understand nothing, you may understand it all

When you know, you no longer need faith

What does it mean to rest in Who You Are?

His comment:
“Realising the truth happens by chance…Not easy at all..”

My response:
Indeed, Truth is neither difficult nor easy, it never lends itself to any label, it cannot be “realized” by purpose…Subsequently, when we search for truth, we only find projection..- so in that sense, yes…truth happens “by chance.”

To rest in “who you are” requires to give up Who You Are Not…
A better way to put it would be: Stop pretending, give up what you think you know and rest in not knowing anything…


Life takes care of life

 – Mooji

On your own

When you most need someone, nobody´s there.

You are the pilgrim wandering in the land of the weary.

You feel lonelier than all deserts. 

Your treading is unspeakable burden sometimes…

You are short of steps…

You creep, but you go on…

Your are the bearer of your own and others loneliness.


February 22nd – turning 5

Oh, if we could remind us to celebrate life…
If not every moment, but now and then
during the day…

Yes, a little more Joy.
A little more childish trust and
healthy naivety.

A little more simplicity, generosity
towards yourself,
and the ones you meet on your way…

We easily forget…

Far too often, we fall victims of our “human” shortages
resenting everything, indulging in sorrow, pain
and despondency,
in fruitless guilt and regret,
bitterly complaining, forgetting the sky inside
and above us,
yes, forgetting To Love.

To love is to dare feel Joy…the simple joy
of trusting and opening to Life.

The Joy of gratitude…

I feel this joy now, this gratitude of
sharing these very words together with you
through endless time and space.

The answer might come in due time

Certain questions are so powerfully vivid so they better remain unanswered – as not the answer is essential, but the sense of pondering these questions trigger.