This is no poem

Kill all repetition

Kill everything you think you know

Kill your past

Wipe out the memory of you

Don´t be afraid

You´ll rise…


A response

She says:

I have a lot of “friends” but I don’t trust any of them because I know they talk to me because they have an interest so it’s hard to find real friends these days…People are very bad…and seeking something and then never call you anymore.

My answer:

People are bad, you say…
Why are they “bad”?…What are they looking for ultimately?…What do they want…?…What do you want?…Stay with this and give it a thought.

Are we just good or bad…?…Am I good?…Are you…? Who´s there to see…? Who considers us  being this or the other?…

Let´s suppose I – Julien Matei – am a good person. But if you inwardly suspect me of being “bad”, I will sooner or later “fulfill” your fearful desire and become evil…
So you see, there is no evil “out there” – through our approach we make people become one thing or another…

I know you have the ability to grasp my words…

Who raises walls around you…? Can it be Fear…? Does this fear really feed you…? Does it ever feed us?…What can we receive other than isolation when afraid? …

Only Fear raises walls trying to protect its false identity.

JOY DOESN´T NEED ANY PROTECTION. JOY IS FREE. And so are you, when you dare questioning the nature of your fear.


When you no longer resist your real vocation, you are happy and allow others to be happy, and by allowing your special gift to manifest freely, you don´t compete with anyone else, as your success is granted.

So, seen from this perspective, Competition is the invention created by confused people being in the wrong places, struggling for their false identity.