Is he genuine, or, is he not…?

I kind of like Mooji, his Master may have helped him see parts of The Truth, but his inability to help others is quite conspicuous.

He says:
“Very often people say to me, ‘Mooji, I am so unhappy but you don’t seem to care or even want to know what is going on.’
And actually, it is true. I don’t want to know what you think is going on. And, I don’t believe you.
Nothing is going on.
You are happy by nature but think you are unhappy.
Your unhappiness is totally made up.
You are just too lazy to look inside yourself.”

Of course, unhappiness is delusional ultimately speaking, but to say to the utterly unhappy, or depressed, that his unhappiness is made up, that he is happy by nature, is indeed a sign of disrespect and cynicism. Too maliciously simplistic.

It is a rather suspect lack of compassion here, and for the record, of know-how.

What can a man do if the only thing he has ever known is illusion?

I say to you mr Mooji that it is you who in all likelihood are too lazy to look further into your real nature.