Be your own best friend, before someone else is

“I am very sensitive, it’s been the bane of my life. Although few would believe it. I’m very good at hiding that part of me with my boisterous personality. I don’t listen to the news or read newspapers because all I see around me is how inhuman people can be. I just can’t take it. It plays havoc with my mind. Every day is a struggle for me against the terrible thoughts that flash through my head. I don’t know anyone else who thinks this way. I’ve always assumed something is wrong with me.

It must be difficult to accept solitude. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it. You see I don’t want to be alone. I want someone to care. I want to be able to spill my inner thoughts and feelings to someone, and still be secure in their friendship. Do you understand?”

Accepting solitude is not easy. And yet, only in solitude can the mind empty itself
from all false 
relation, retrieving its freshness and pervasive clarity.

“I want someone to care”, you say. “I want to be able to spill my inner thoughts and feelings to someone, and still be secure in their friendship.”

You see, as long as we search for well-being through “another”, projecting our sense of security on the outside, sooner or later, we are bound to be let down.

At the end of the day, WHO IS THIS “SOMEONE” YOU LOOK FOR, BUT YOU…?

You have to be your best friend, before someone else is…

As I said earlier, you have to start befriending yourself, that is, finding gradually the longed-for security within, IN YOUR OWN FRIENDSHIP TO YOURSELF.

And once you do that, there might be a chance that you find someone who has undergone the same process of inner “ransacking”.

So the real question is why you keep hiding your sensitivity…The more we hide our emotions, the more we think, it´s a fact. The more suppressed emotions, the more flourishes the destructiveness of our Mind, can you see that?…

The inhuman-ness going on around you, mirrors your own hopeless struggle against your own emotions. The moment you begin accepting and embracing your positive and negative emotions,  you will find relief…And feeling relief, you can see the world in a total new perspective…

Whatever you see around you, will simply affect you less, once you start feeling some
well-deserved alleviation.

Gently… – start looking at the relation between emotion and thought:

Troubled emotions, troubled thoughts.

I could tell you easily that YOUR REAL SELF, is neither troubled emotions nor these unsettling thoughts, but you probably wouldn´t believe me at this stage. My words cannot help. You simply have to face directly this experience.

For now!

Look closely at what you think with no resistance, preference or fear:
Can you naturally disidentify from those “terrible thoughts flashing through your mind”,

Can you say: “These thoughts are happening, but they are not me…?
These feelings are scary, but they are not WHO I AM…”

I know it´s easier said than done, but look at your thoughts as if they were some kind of random film, no longer ascribing them such vital importance.

To round off, it´s good for you to formulate your thoughts. Express them in whatever way
you find constructive and suitable. Find a way to express your sensitivity!


Alertness and attention are the prerogatives of happiness

In order to let happiness shine, we have to have the guts to look unhappiness in the eyes and see it for what it is – ego…Ego meaning linearity, memory, time, chains of false relations, with other words, false identity…In timelessness all false relation stop. The difficult task is to observe this insidious inertia of this emotional-mental process and cease creating time.

For this we need accurate and active but un-forced total attention.
Alertness – exactly the thing we are never taught.

If you wanna know what I mean, watch a chasing cat before making the leap to catch the bird, that´s the kind of absolute alertness I speak about.

Anyway, if we look lucidly, in this very second there are no problems. Easier said than done, as we are conditioned by experience, thought and habit. I repeat:


Only Attention can see that Second in itself is never memory. But the mind has to be
fresh – NOT MADE FRESH DELIBERATELY – and “becoming” fully aware of its intricate mechanisms, in order to fully understand this freedom.

Freedom is always illogical, it escapes all models, all “good” or “bad” intentions,
it is neither this or that.
It is Being between two thoughts…

See if you can hear these words of mine with your heart not with your mind.

Don´t make a living, just live the living

If all people were really alive, nobody would need “to make a living” – instead, everybody would do the right thing out of joy.

You don´t “make” life, as much as you would think and like to. Hence, when you struggle to make a living, you often maintain and create even more fear. So instead of making a living, un-make your false relation to fear, and gradually you´ll witness how Life makes you a beautiful living.

To control is not to love

Due to our being insecure, we always strive to feel safe, trying hard to possess, control and manipulate. But isn´t it so, the more we try to control a thing, the more it flees from our grip.

In fact, we don´t really love what we control. It´s a hard one. The more you try to feel safe, the more life will baffle and disappoint you.

Trying to possess is to deprive both the other and yourself of freedom. Nobody wants really to be possessed or controlled. And yet… due to fear, being used to false relation and manipulation, people – many times – , don´t even recognize freedom. How could they, as what they mainly know is to condition…?

In fact, if you don´t try to possess or be possessed, manipulate or let yourself be manipulated, you can easily end up being by yourself. Freedom can be a great menace,
can´t it…?