I resist my natural emotion therfore I exist

“Oh, I am so tired…I am really tired…worn out…”

Everything seems to be a reason for stress nowadays. Yes, you invariably hear this chorus everywhere – “I am tired, I am so stressed…
I have done this, been there, worked hard…I am exhausted…”
Working hard for everything seems to be the thing.
Calm and seamless living, what is that…? My virtue is my stress.

I´ve given this a lot of thought, so when I hear all this inane wailing I realize that it is not the effort or hard work which is to blame. This tiredness is the outcome of inner resistance:
“I AM THINKING TOO MUCH, I constantly and perseveringly resist my natural urges,
Self-tribulation is my virtue.”

These lamenting people are tired cause – I repeat – they are thwarting against and kill every natural spontaneous emotion; bluntly put, “I AM TIRED CAUSE I DON´T HAVE A LIFE”…What can you be other than worried and down when you know deep inside that despite all your actual achievements you don´t really live…

When not alive, what else can you feel other than fatigue, stress and pervading torment?

Get a life instead of stress!