Where there is fear of life, there is thirst for supremacy

The one who has thus seen through the inanity of fear,
truly lives and thrives and has no time for such idiotic
things as superiority, arrogance and power-seeking.

Fear or Love – a very meaningful dialogue about human nature

Why are people so unwilling to know themselves?

I personally don’t think fear, or any emotion for that matter is negative or positive. It is only how we act on it, and to what degree an emotion overwhelms us. Even too much love can be unhealthy. Fear can be a lifesaver if you are in actual danger. Fleeing a dangerous situation is not necessarily a bad thing. Fear can help us use caution, can help us prepare for bad situations, and can help us not rush headlong into situations that may actually cause us harm. I came up with what I think is a good analogy. “Fear is like water. You need some to survive, but too much and you’ll drown”. That aside, I agree Julien. So many people hide from who they are and fool themselves into thinking they are content with that state of being.

As you have probably noticed so far, definitions and I are very seldom good friends. Yet, in order to shed some light here, we need to somehow define, or at least try to get a clue as to what Fear is, and, respectively what Love is. Let´s enquire together: IS LOVE AN EMOTION?…Likewise: IS FEAR AN EMOTION? Or, can it be so that Love is behind and triggers certain emotions, and Fear in its turn engenders its corresponding sentiments. With other words: I would venture to define Fear and Love more like two basic forces. Meaning that on a metaperspective, every emotion is either generated by Fear or Love. Unfortunately, Fear is the very reality which governs most people´s lives. Civilization as we know it, takes Fear for Love, as there are and have been very few individuals who have truly known directly what Love entails. Love which is too much, is fear in disguise!! Believe me, Love can NEVER EVER be unhealthy – as true Love is not about attachment. On the contrary, in its presence, everything thrives…It grows…It can thus never generate harm. Only fear can…

So in this sense, being used to live under the grip of Fear, most humans defend themselves from Love…It is very peculiar, but really, people are afraid of Love…which is why they are afraid to know themselves…– because Love deconstructs the whole immemorial structure on which civilization is built.

I do agree with that Julien. Many people get so afraid of losing love that they choose not to love. And I do think that fear is borne out of the idea that if they make themselves vulnerable and open to somebody it’s not so much that someone else will reject who they are, but that they will have to have who they are. And such people do not want to truly know themselves.

Very well put: “Many people get so afraid of losing love that they choose not to love”. With other words – as they take fear for love, they are in actual fact so afraid of losing their fear, that they thus choose not to love, that is, not to know themselves…Once you have taken Fear for who you think you are, it is very hard to take the risk and switch to a totally new and challenging perspective….


The opposite of Love is not hate but selfishness

Consider this

There are only two real options:

Either you let Life or you fight Life.

Fear or Love…?