Claim back your birthright – your happiness

We were born perfect and happy, but then we were conditioned by parents and society to be unhappy. This crime of being deprived of your natural happiness is more odious than death itself.
We were and are manipulated by fear, we breathe fear, eat fear, act “fear”. Even the happiness we know, is a continuation of fear, because – isn´t it so? – thesis is not that different from the antithesis …

The question is whether you have the courage to dig inside of you, to deal with the illusions and false precepts which are deeply rooted in your soul. This garbage handed down from generation to generation, is  not easy to deal with, as you will encounter a lot of pain, especially when you become conscious of it.
True happiness is a state of flow, finding your own inner rhythm.

You are this intelligent and natural spontaneity which is not defined by any human rule.
What are you doing, what you do, is totally irrelevant. The question is :


Our so-called culture is Fear. It is vital to understand, see through and get rid of all this parasite called Fear, cause it ruins your life.

Find your inner peace and rhythm, your dynamic and your passion. Try to discover the road shown by your presence.

Presence is beyond duality –  IT is the most precious gift you have.