Where there is Fear, there can be no Sense

Where there is no Sense, there can be no Relation.

You tell me

What do you do when an entire nation has irrevocably gone awry, stubbornly and sufficiently promoting Disease, thwarting and fearing every natural and healthily spontaneus expression, taking Truth for Delusion, and Delusion for Truth…?

What is to be done in a society which simply takes Death for Life?…

The way we function as a society is based on fear

We honestly don’t realize how engrained fear is in our minds and how it affects almost every action (or non-action) we make.

Fear, being so ingrained, usually makes one totally lose perspective, as if nothing else existed. Most people today are hopelessly caught in the nightmare of their making. Their vision is thus totally biased and warped…Evidently, when the observer is fearful the action can´t possibly be anything but unloving.

And that is why we can’t truly change. We can’t truly make progress from the same fear-based mind that exists in man at this time. We are fooling ourselves. Furthermore, for true peace to occur in this world, it has to come from within. 

That is, from that non-verbal awareness of the observing without any thought-based opinion of what is.

No story can contain the totality of Life

Except some more or less clever approximations, eventually, no one has an inkling on anything. Really, even if they claim differently, nobody knows what this very instant is about.

There is no authority to rely on, as Authority is merely a concept bred by your Fear to explore yourself.

What is not easy predictable is terribly daunting

Being governed by fear, we´re prone to control everything,
obsessively safeguarding us against the unpredictable.

Thus our response to challenge is always conditioned.

Always biased.

Always wrong.

The only thing I regret is that I didn´t say to more people to fuck off

The only thing society and people have taught me is to hide from Who I Really Am – to be afraid and consequently live in a shameless, devastating lie. I have therefore hidden and evaded my Inner Voice – my true Self -, constantly throwing myself out of my life and passion, trying to fit in, due to Fear of Punishment and Rejection.

To all this twisted and coercive society whose only aim is to remain sick and afraid of life I say:


Starting today I will irrevocably and completely stop hiding mySelf because of all shrinking and idiotic expectation.

Dire analogies

Long story short:

My father managed to fuck up and steal my Now, inflicting nothing but fear, frustration and guilt on me. His fierce and unblessed conduct has affected me for life: Wasted years of shattering loneliness, huge pain, confusion. Unbeknownst he turned me into the depositary of his vengeance and aggressive madness.

Years after.

I met recently a hellishly charming woman who managed to make me believe and trust her. Such endearing communication we seemed to be engaged in. But alas, behind her winsome innocence, elegance and beauty, hided a vindictive monster. I made the mistake of letting my guard down, and the pandemonium started.

The whole game that followed was about manipulation of emotions, everything to take me away from and kill my NOW-Presence!!! This power-horny slut, hated whatever vivid and spontaneous expression – eventually, she seems to be at war with Life and Living. Of course she would never ever admit this. She would deceive you with incredible skillful delusions. Such a con artist, helping me in subtle or violent ways to disengage from and live in bitter oblivion from Self. To forget WHO YOU ARE, so you become her prey.

The blatant likeness between her and the wounds imposed on me by my father in my early childhood is mind-blowing. Staggeringly paradoxical. Why Life is such a complicated psychological conundrum totally surpasses my grasping…

But here I am…Coming out, untangling myself from and sorting out an age-old nightmarish riddle…Speaking about things no one dares to acknowledge or take up….

Once you realize the illusion of need and necessity, the dominion of fear is over

Future loss is not your fear, but present joining is your dread

It is genuine Togetherness which is your ego´s worst nightmare.

The biggest threat – Love.

You are in fact afraid to lose your fear – that is,
your made up Identity.

You are already doing that

Please, consider this:

I am sitting writing these very words. Now…- if I said “oh, how I wish to sit down and write”, while I am actually doing just that, you may wonder as to my being entirely sane…

And yet…that´s what people do.

“Everybody lives tomorrow or yesterday and never now…! I so long for a Now.”- she said.

“When you say everybody”- I replied – “you mean yourself. How on earth can you long for a now, when you undeniably are immersed in this Now? Only the person feeling disengaged from life wants `to live´. If you say, `I am going to live now´, you will resist and push away this present moment even more.”


We are always prone to create a gap between us and the very thing we strive for. This very gap is Desire – that is, Time, which is Fear, which is Pain, insecurity, insufficiency and frustration, which is doubt…which is fragmentation. Which ultimately is distance from ourselves.


We think we are Absence. Absence striving to Presence…and in this uncanny process of striving, we create nothing but even more absence…more havoc…more infelicity.

So don´t wish to read these lines – you are already doing that!