An answer to Richard

Ultimately, the solution of all real problems fall back into metaphysics. Metaphysics is not to be mixed up with spiritualism, that´s the hard one. Our only instrument to deal with “the invisible” is for the time being Art, Real music and Poetry. The science of the future will no longer be divorced from metaphysics.

I like how Werner Heisenberg puts it:

“You can’t determine anything arbitrarily exact. Or in other words: nothing is really determinable. Everything is always in motion. There are no real limits.”

That´s exactly what I say in different words though:

We need to understand that whatever we infer is projection and not truth.
Our very outlook influences the whole process. It´s ripe time that Science progressively starts to be the friend of our real humanity and not the guardian of our metaphysical fears.

Their fears are alive…

They – as real human beings – are not.