A vision

“She looked at me with a look that, if you saw it for five seconds, would make your whole life up to that point worth living, no matter what had happened in it so far. It was not a romantic look. It was not a look of friendship. It was a look that was somehow beyond all these, beyond all the different compartments of love we have down here on earth. It was something higher, holding all those other kinds of love within itself while at the same time being much bigger than all of them.

Without using any words, she spoke to me. The message went through me like a wind, and I instantly understood that it was true. I knew so in the same way that I knew that the world around us was real—was not some fantasy, passing and insubstantial.”

From a doctor´s experience of Afterlife

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”

Instead of Julien I had become Juliet. 🙂

He apologised.
He had written me an e-mail from his mobile and the phone stubbornly spelled
my name wrong.

I found this very amusing – in fact I had a very good laugh. Out of the blue I had become
a woman…a feminine archetype.

He felt obliged to explain himself as to this wrong spelling. “Right needs to be right”…

Is it really so, I was wondering…? Let´s ponder a moment: If “Right” is solely right,
then something inexpressibly essential is missing, it kind of gets limited and boring.

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”. With other words:
If right is to be really Right, there has to be some degree of wrong or mistake of sorts permeating
this “right”. That makes it exciting, humanly true and alive…

So I think I´m going to change my name…at least for today 🙂