The Tao does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone

In order to do something right, you need to be in the right flow.
You need energy.

The point is that most people take your energy, and thus recklessly say to you:

“Act. Do this, do that”.

Conversely, the few ones who reciprocate and give something back,
make things happen by themselves. And so “doing” becomes superfluous.

Quite so…

If you don’t dare lose it
You can’t possibly get it.

Till min vän Boddhi

Vilken sann tillfredsställelse att se att våra samtliga ord är allt annat än abstrakt nonsens utan VERKLIGT åtgärdande…

I tvär kontrast till allt gängse snusförnuft, blir våra ingående konversationer ytterst livsgynnande och konkret välgörande. Ens sinnen och varseblivning läker. Ens egentliga självkänsla och sunda självförtroende kommer tillbaka på plats. För att inte längre lämna en.

Att se sig själv växa, att allt får en klarare o klarare kropp och riktning…- denna lekfulla men behjärtansvärda flow…Lätthet dubblad av ögonblicklig insikt.

I livet liksom i musiken:

Stabilitet både i form och innehåll…

A great quote

A man who understands the Tao in the morning,
can die contentedly in the evening.

 – Confucius

Hard work is not always rewarding

It is kind of sad… – to have been brought up in the illusion of “Seek and you will find” and “Hard work is always rewarding” as this wrong delusional conduct has drained me so throughout these years…It is sad as it feels as if the dominating commandments with which I grew up with, have done nothing but taught me how to fail…

What I consciously pursue always seems not enough. What I treasure simply comes to me. The natural, effortless path leads often to the most exquisite of destinations.

Not so much random, I think. When we are open and just being, not striving, everything in that moment is right there. What we seek, we will not find. To be simply open and ready. Even in something active, like writing. When you let your words just flow, you are there.

It’s a wondrous thing.

I hear the space between your words here.
You confirm what I secretly consider being “the truthful way” of calm insight and joy in
action. Cause when action is right and true, it is inherently beneficial and soothing as that action is simultaneous non action. It’s acting with no ego.

The door of grace opens unobtrusively, pushing and knocking at it, is but futile undertaking.

As you say, Flow is effortless…

A thought about success and fulfillement

If no “I” is there any longer, can we still speak of “gaining” or “failing”…? Are real dreams a matter of “fighting for”…? Indeed, although everything requires a serious amount of work and due skill, I tell you that when you stop “fighting” and “aspiring”, dreams will “simply fall from the sky and plop into your lap.” I talk from “experience”, I saw it happen all too many times…observing people who really reached a fair amount of outer fulfillment. For sure, we have to count also on this ineffable reality which can be called Luck. Unless Fortune turns its benevolent smile to us, everything we do will come to naught…

I do not in the least intend to play with words.

Many times fighting and striving prevent that very thing we all want so badly: success. Whoever says that success was the consequence of mere hard work and effort is a liar. The amount of fighting and effort you put into whatever objective, more often than not, counteracts a positive outcome.

Indeed, life does knock you hard many times. Fall down seven times, stand up eight, they say…But if you manage to “give up” counting and raise as if it was FOR THE FIRST TIME, nothing can impede you any longer to experience flow. Flow is real success. No failing, no gaining, just PURE BEING…

And flow, has nothing to do with “ambition”. Flow is ego-less action, natural Law…

Living is the secret…”purpose”, the outcome of it.

Think it over

Without trying to belittle the importance of action, why do we always think in terms of “achievements”, why are we so much achievement-oriented?…

At the end of the day, what is behind a real achievement?

We chase achievements because eventually, we think that through accomplishing things we´ll feel better.  Can we thus see that our inner state is far more important than “make things happen”, than “achievement” in itself?

If our inner state would be released from our self-imposed limitations and conflicts, being more “in-tuned” with FLOW, don´t you think that achievements would reach us in a more swift and joyous way?


Birds are not philosophers yet they are the masters of philosophy.

Birds don’t wait for the right moment.
They are always in the right moment.
If you want to know what swift success is, watch a bird fly!

Watching birds is far more rewarding than being together with people.

That´s because sparrows and nightingales don’t judge and never try to dominate.


Identification is the consequence of effort, to be one thing or another…

Flow is effortless, thoughtless recognizing …Discipline in “forgetting” or “ignoring” the unpleasant, are the outcome of inner resistance.

Remembrance is just a natural state of thoughtlessness. Let flow remember you 🙂