A lifetime for an Encounter

Against all odds and prevalent expectations, it happened… Concretely. The longed – for Miracle. The blessed Impossible… The very thing which bluntly contradicts the general assumption. What the so-called “wise” people consider unfeasible…

I tell you all:

Fuck the prevailing sensible answer – the scientific bullshit. What they call “the fabric of a deluded perception” is often where the truth lies…

Don’t settle for less than Miraculous!!! As MIRACLE IS WHO YOU ARE!

You deserve it. It is your birth right.

They forgive anything except seeing you happy

Of course, no one would ever admit this conspicuous truth…

But thing is that not only do they thwart and evict joy from their pernicious lives, but most people do anything – using subtle to coercive methods – to discourage, discard and dissuade you from following your bliss.

Success is not to revel in others´ vain attention, but to unfold something out of inner necessity

Bliss can never equate experience

Some people probably know from birth what their bliss is.
Others?… Experience tells them…

I just fell into mine through trial and error.

Good point: trial and error. It goes for me too.
The severe teacher…

I don´t trust experience though.
When experience ceases, inspiration replaces it.

What about inspiration based on experience?

Experience is always old. It entails a sum of yesterdays,
a sum of repetitions, a sum of memories…Memory creates habit,
and habit – which basically is resistance to whatever
new – leads inevitably to fear…

Utterly speaking experience is fear…

Etymologically, inspiration means Immediate influence of God,
to inhale, to breath in.

Hence, how can inspiration – which is something ever new – can
equate something inevitably old?


…you have a genuine urge, inevitably will you find the proper and adequate means to express it, no matter the hardship or outward resistance.

If not…

You will but find excuses only…

Follow your bliss

…and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.

– Joseph Campbell

Quoting James Hollis

Personality, or personhood as Jung might define it, is not found in adjustment to external expectations, but in serving one’s calling in the context of our environment. This may bring one to an individual experience of being misjudged, derided, tortured, and crucified.

No wonder vocation is seldom served. And yet, and yet, something in us always knows better. Something in us, no matter how much we flee it, summons us. We may avoid it all our lives, but deep down, something knows. It knows us whether we wish to know it or not. There is no escape from this knowing though much of contemporary Western culture is a flight from knowing what, inescapably, we already know.

We will be most nearly real when we serve our vocation. We will not be spared suffering, but we will be granted a deeply felt sense that our life is right, even when suffering isolation and rejection.

That deeply felt sense of what is right for us… is how we can find it is we are to do with this precious and fragile gift of life and transcendent reality we are summoned to serve. This sacrifice of the ego will constitute our greatest gift to the world.

The sacrifice of collective acceptance, which individuation demands, is redeemed by our bringing a larger person back to the world, to our relationships and to our dialogue with mystery.

Courtesy of Monica Hassani

What do you really and really like to do?

If you like what you do, you will never need to work.
Cause “work” will be then nothing but delight.

Never follow the track – find your own way

If you do not have the courage to defy conformity, deviating from the norm and going your own way, you’ll never find your inner source – who you are and what you can.