The prison of your making

For the one who has lived his life as a convict – that is, in the exclusive straits of his ideas -, Freedom – which has naught to do with thinking – will seem pure absurdity to him.

The saddest human condition

How can they love Freedom when all their life
has been solely invested in entanglement?…

Happiness is beyond punishment and retribution

We are hallucinated by our prevalent beliefs – tributary to a totally biased and indecently obtuse way of living:

Namely that Life is about punishment and retribution. In simple words, that we are not supposed to be joyful and merry unless we deserve it.

Such arrogant crap inculcated by those wickedly greedy bastards who have moulded our society. Really, LIFE gives a shit about our idiotic bargaining with It:

Freedom is at the beginning – it´s never an outcome of anything.

Meaning that


We are afraid to be free

…and thus love to remain slaves – to desire, to concepts, to propaganda, even to the very idea of God – cause freedom entails first-hand experience as opposed to being controlled by, and hence live in the safety of “knowledge”…

We´d rather live deluded than risk being free

Rather estranged than myself

We´d rather give away our freedom, than taking the risk of getting to know ourselves.

Can humans ever understand anything beyond retribution and revenge?

Love can only blossom in freedom.

Freedom from retribution and revenge.

Twisted human nature:

They will condone humiliation, mistreatment and all kind of abuse, but they will never forgive you for having tried to make them free.

What happens when we don´t look for anything in particular?

Indeed, we see Freedom.

Yes, we see and discover ourselves being free.

Free of motives and whatever craving. Free of the burden of conditioning.
No longer tainted by the past.

Once we are free, we are left with out natural immediate feeling,
intuitively knowing, that is cognizing ourselves anew.

It is seeing our natural gift, spontaneously coming to grips with Who we really are.

Free yourself from the prison of your mind

Says who?…- verily, the conditioned Mind.

The mind cannot de-condition itself. It´s like the thief teaching virtue.

It is never the mind making the experience of freedom.

What is deemed as “Freedom” is simply another modified form of confinement.

The thorough and immediate understanding that Mind is the very obstacle, may bring about the firsthand taste of the unbounded.

Live “exceptionally”

Every second is new.

Most people simply don´t know this, as they are irretrievably caught in “knowledge”. In yesterdays. In experience, in habits, in repetition. They function strictly by default.

They think they see, but see nothing. Their understanding is inertially biased.

Most of them are but a dead memory of themselves.

They are the slaves of their mechanic living – every new situation being deadened before it has a chance to live.

Knowledge, being the outcome of experience, is by definition old. Obsolete.

Consequently, every system of thought is bound to fail.

How can anything old ever fathom this Now-Moment?…
How can the Free be seized by the Un-free…?

There is no rule when it comes to the Mystery of Living after all.

Aliveness is the death of all systems. The death of repetitive “knowledge”.

Aliveness is blank. Only the vivid has the right solution.


Every moment is an exception. Every moment is being born as we breath.