The age of counterfeits

No, but really…

It really goes on my nerves:

All these smart guys like Gregg Bradden, Wayne Diar, Donald Neale Walsh, David Ike, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks so forth and so on…- all of them speaking skillfully about consciousness and frequencies, quantum physics, the Universal Field, metaphysics,
The Law of Attraction, the one more interesting than the other…

And yet…The result of all this intelligent verbosity is null! ZERO…!

It doesn´t fucking make sense…Not that what they come up with is without value,
but were the things they said really powerful and worth-while, you could feel this improved state they talk about, everywhere around you.

Instead what…in everyday life humans are more and more absent and disturbed, more senselessly aloof and aggressive, reckless, greedy and self-absorbed…

Paradoxically, despite the information and incredible sophisticated means at hand, Stupidity is growing exponentially reaching alarming levels.

It is truly an insurmountable gap.

The masses are always the way they are. But if all these New Age prophets were
genuinely and virtually dedicated, they would probably manage
TO BRING ABOUT A REAL, PALPABLE CHANGE. You would just feel it naturally…

Albeit they being well articulated and probably well-intentioned, I really suspect most of them being no more than a bunch of counterfeits.

They are most likely not aware, but they are as deceitful as the age they are a part of.

The disinterest to look inside is our downfall

All problems originate from inner imbalance, problems are energetic disturbances on a very subtle level – a distempered kind of frequencies.

Most people run away from themselves, being totally out of touch with their inner essence, chasing bitterly to fulfill their sense of inner incompleteness outwardly. In plain language, not only that they are not aware of their inner person, but they refuse vehemently to stop and listen to themselves. They don´t know, and don´t want to know what is happening within them inwardly. “If I hide from it, it will surely fade…” – incredibly “astute” philosophy of life…

Not only they don´t fade, but not being witnessed and factually acknowledged, our problems – these inner ruthlessly chaotic frequencies – become in due time autonomous processes, increasingly taking control of our life, totally undermining our mental sanity and health…

So basically the disease of our so-called modern age is the inability and disinterest to look inside, heed and witness the inner chaos.

So there comes the whole significance of Silence. To dare to be silent is the readiness to accept your inner person. Only in silence one can be aware, distinguish, directly confront and stop the proliferating negativity. It is a hell of a toilsome process…

Only our readiness to be silent is the antidote to these undermining negative forces.

So it is: we need to diagnose and acknowledge our inner ailment if we want to recover…If we fail to recognize the problem, stubbornly fleeing and ignoring it, be certain that in due time, the inner disorder will become actual physical disease.