A thought for today

Plurality is the excuse of the coward refusing the deal with what is.

No standpoint – a koan for you

For the ones who don´t know:

koan is a special kind of Zen riddle.

Koans are not to be solved with the mundane, limited logical mind, they are meant to suspend the intellect, to put it in a state of vacuum, out of which the secret totality of life can emerge. A koan is indeed an opportunity to look deeply into one´s real nature, and “think” without thinking.

So let us consider this:

Your standpoint makes your perspective. My question to you is:



Let´s play for while

Why don´t we play more?…

Why don´t we throw away our petty self-importance and dare be open, curious and a little generous with ourselves and the ones coming our way…

If you deprive yourself of joy, you will also decrease the other´s joy and self-esteem.

Indeed, why don´t we play more…? Why do we keep that false premise that playing is a waste of time?
Why are we ashamed to play and discover new things?…

Is there any fun in trying to dominate, because you feel insecure and afraid?…

Is there any fun in pretending you are happy when you´re not? Is it any fun to pretend you know when you know not?

Let´s be what we are now, let the sweet simplicity of being oneself be enough!

Let us play a little, and discover…who we are…