A token of gratefulness

We don´t know each other well. She owns the coffee shop I go to. She offered me a delicious coffee and juice for free the other day, and I felt like thanking her for her sweet generosity.

The moment she laid eyes on me, she asked: 

“What is it you have there?…”

This baffling feminine intuition. How could she know?… – She felt it was for her before I had a chance to even utter a word:
I had bought the most tasty cherries and she smiled pleased while I handed the bag to her. Her “thank you” sounded so winsome and so bashful somehow, as if is she was talking to the air…

Wondrous scene…Wondrous girl…

You are what you give

What you fail to give the other, you fail to give to yourself.

There is no receiving without giving

It´s about giving and taking isn´t it?

Giving with no thought of receiving,
has become something like a distant memory though.

Today, everybody wants to receive, almost nobody is prepared to give.

So when nobody gives, what is there to receive?…

If you don´t give, you cannot possibly receive YOURSELF
So simple as that: you don´t give, you cannot receive!!

WE DO NEED EACH OTHER´S GIVING – there is no “Me” without a “You”

We need each other´s presence.

Yes, Presence – the gift of you in me.

The new world is The gift of You and Me when we amiably heed each other.

Taking only demeans us.

Life gives us, but we have to give something back to life.
Please know that We are Life, and we have to understand that we create life through giving ourselves to one another – in harmony, in vivid interest, in generosity.

Only giving creates true contact.

Only giving means creating.

Only true giving will mold the world that is for us all.

An answer to Tom

He says:

You have such a clear sense of what I’m seeking to do in the work.


You mirror me and I mirror you. I give you back what you give.
In this considerate reciprocity, we kind of build a strong sense of “WE” where each “I” can unfold freely.

Indeed, I am so glad in two ways:

First, for serving you back what you give, and for the second,
that you confirm that I see through things clearly – indeed I made the right ”guess”.

I have this uncommon ability to grasp things intuitively, which is in fact my most valuable asset – and even if I´m sometimes “wrong”, I seem to be able to read behind the lines with sharp precission…

Generosity is not obvious in a competition oriented society. More often than not, people are rather stingy when it comes to giving right feed back – at least, in my experience.

As for me, when I encounter quality, I rejoice. It means that I have something to learn.

You see, I am a big egoist: I want people to be happy.
Cause if people around are happy, their happiness will benefit me as well.

Give, give and give

The key-question is :


We all want to live richly but many times we are stingy, stingy with ourselves and others.

Generosity breaks the blockage – the false I-ness. Many times it´s our stinginess which keeps us stuck in negative patterns.

Flow is what you give, communion with “others”, and your confidence of knowing that giving is replenishing, will clear the way.

Give, give and give, because giving and sharing is the mirrored reflection of  joy!