Slavery is a form of death

I say the master is dead because the corporation does not breathe, nor love, nor feel.

Our lives’ breaths can be counted, and to contribute our limited breaths for the greed of a dead master is monstrous at best.

And slavery itself is a form of death.  Yet slaves can be taught to embrace nearly any degradation, any dehumanizing condition – to love it,  fight for it and to die for it, even with gratitude.  The means by which the dead master achieves its infinite power over us is called propaganda.

– Gerry Spence

Your thoughts on how to become free

Reblogging here Gerry Spence´s post which I find utterly true:

“I have asked for a dialogue on how we might free ourselves from our masters.  I am looking for a strategy, an approach, a movement, a sound, an action, a universal word, that can be adopted by all slaves to set ourselves free.

The problem is, of course, that most slaves do not recognize their bondage.  Most believe they are free because, in fact, as workers, they have the freedom to move from one slave master to the next.  Many find the idea of slavery too frightening to really understand.  Many wish to climb the slavery ladder to achieve a higher status as slave, that is, a position of greater power and wealth.  So two conditions must occur before we can consider the road to freedom:  The first is to recognize our slavery.  The second is a desire to be free of it.”