A token of gratefulness

We don´t know each other well. She owns the coffee shop I go to. She offered me a delicious coffee and juice for free the other day, and I felt like thanking her for her sweet generosity.

The moment she laid eyes on me, she asked: 

“What is it you have there?…”

This baffling feminine intuition. How could she know?… – She felt it was for her before I had a chance to even utter a word:
I had bought the most tasty cherries and she smiled pleased while I handed the bag to her. Her “thank you” sounded so winsome and so bashful somehow, as if is she was talking to the air…

Wondrous scene…Wondrous girl…

Thank you…

…for mirroring these words, thank you for mirroring me, and mirroring yourself,
thank you for being the true Mirror of us in this age.


You can´be miserable and grateful. It simply doesn´t rime.

Only Happiness is grateful!

Fulfill your meaning

When you are fulfilling your life-meaning, you will feel gratefulness for every single spot of light or bashful shadow.

When you are not, you can can have it all, yet feel like a pitiful beggar.

A short encounter

He was smiling. A little man in his wheelchair. He saw something no one else could see.

He was so pleased, so unspeakably grateful. His face radiated simple but unworldly joy. He rolled up and down looking up in deep wonder, he said hello with a sweet and humble smile, and disappeared in the dusk.

I had seen a little God…

Destiny paid the bill

Around 6 pm, I was smoking my cigar watching people at Stureplan. I was feeling million dollar gratefulness for no specail reason.
My friend Thomas showed up from nowhere, last time we met was in June.

Why don´t you come to Magnus exhibition, he asked. Ok, let´s go, I replied. We came to the Art Academy in a huge hall, with around 300 people. It was a great dinner with exquisite food, wine, princess cake and live jazz.

Destiny paid the bill 🙂