Take a break from yourself

…and do something for someone else, with no thought of personal gain.

It can be a smile, a compliment, a word, a mere amiable glance…it can make
a huge difference…

For a change, look closely around you and realize that we are all intertwined.

You are the other, you become enriched by knowing yourself in the contact with
your fellow-man.

I will illustrate my point:

I had an inner major break-through yesterday. Such an incredible sense of wellness and
relief within me: The “old me” was no longer there. I was feeling composed, empowered, free…as if floating, but entirely rooted in the present moment.

As I was sitting at a terrace sipping a coffee and writing, a guy stopped a couple of meters right in front of me. At first it was confusing… – I had never seen him before. A perfect stranger, properly dressed, with a very unusual charisma. He was gently smiling at me, vividly gesticulating, his eyes glowing with gratitude. He was obviously deaf. He was “talking” to me, although at first I was quite bewildered – he used sign language.

The “encounter” didn´t last more than few seconds. But as he quickly moved his hands, he was intimating:

“Thank you for your presence – you look so elegant, you spread wellness around you.
Whatever you write in your book reaches out to me. Thank you!” 

He happily smiled again, bowed and vanished, as if this never happened.

Given that here in Stockholm where I live, no one ever says anything, I was simply overwhelmed… What an approval I had received.

Few magic seconds of shared joy!

Thank you…

…for mirroring these words, thank you for mirroring me, and mirroring yourself,
thank you for being the true Mirror of us in this age.

What is to come

The new key word for the New Paradigm is Gratitude…

Yes, I feel an immense gratitude for the kind of joy, honesty, mutual interest, responsiveness and supportiveness, inspiration and beauty that are not entirely here, but on the way to manifest.

Master is the one seeing the grand design in the mere seed…

Thank you Ben

“May we create a circle of praise serve to connect us to others of like mind and kindred spirit!”


It can be so childishly easy…or hopelessly difficult.

When you are in touch with Source – this Living Perennial Secret of the Universe -, it no longer matters what you do; life becomes as easy as lifting your finger, as your inner state will make things happen seamlessly…gratitude will be your natural share in every step you take.

Inspiration comes swiftly and we can do incredible things when guided by this intimate contact.

On the other hand, you can study, ponder, work hard, aspire, be someone, be rich, travel, get married, divorce, go to the moon…and yet…your life will remain shallow…

Grace…not effort.

There is no human activity on this planet which will give you this ultimate ease, this ineffable sense of fulfillment and meaning.