Bliss can never equate experience

Some people probably know from birth what their bliss is.
Others?… Experience tells them…

I just fell into mine through trial and error.

Good point: trial and error. It goes for me too.
The severe teacher…

I don´t trust experience though.
When experience ceases, inspiration replaces it.

What about inspiration based on experience?

Experience is always old. It entails a sum of yesterdays,
a sum of repetitions, a sum of memories…Memory creates habit,
and habit – which basically is resistance to whatever
new – leads inevitably to fear…

Utterly speaking experience is fear…

Etymologically, inspiration means Immediate influence of God,
to inhale, to breath in.

Hence, how can inspiration – which is something ever new – can
equate something inevitably old?

Habit, banality and hypocrisy

She says:
“It frustrates me that many people are happy in their banality… crap tv, pampering and primping themselves, getting wasted… all part of current society. You cannot reach these people, they are not ready. So don’t waste thought on trying – BUT there ARE people who can and do want to be reached… and for them, isn’t it worth it?
Small ripples…”

Can you see how your ego plays tricks on you?.
I write these words to you now. Who are these many people who are happy in their banality? What do we know about them…? Who is there to see them?

When we see others “getting wasted” we kind of unconsciously observe our own dissipation in the process, don´t we…?

Of course, “all part of current society”, society being of course, you and me.
“You cannot reach these people, they are not ready” you say. The question is:


Which parts of you are ready and which ones are not…?

Can you see your own escape strategy…? Can you see your own banality…?
Can you see that your hypocrisy frustrates you…? Indeed, do I venture to see my own
hypocrisy and banality…?

Just ponder:

As long as we won´t break free from habit and inertia, understanding that a mind
caught in mechanical repetition is not and cannot be alive – thus not capable of
Love – we will remain frustrated, living in banal and futile hypocrisy.