Beyond undertaking

Happiness which is rendered by any purpose is projection at best, and at worst, self-delusion – particularly when “sustained” by hope. As hope is a synonym for fear of Now…for escaping what is.

Reality is not something you escape into…

Happiness is beyond punishment and retribution

We are hallucinated by our prevalent beliefs – tributary to a totally biased and indecently obtuse way of living:

Namely that Life is about punishment and retribution. In simple words, that we are not supposed to be joyful and merry unless we deserve it.

Such arrogant crap inculcated by those wickedly greedy bastards who have moulded our society. Really, LIFE gives a shit about our idiotic bargaining with It:

Freedom is at the beginning – it´s never an outcome of anything.

Meaning that


At the end of the day, it´s about learning to celebrate your solitude

Cause if you find your bliss there, no one will make you either happy or unhappy.

Man escaping his inherent happiness

We invent a thoroughly mad and evil world just in order to convince ourselves that we don’t deserve to be happy.

After years and years of observation, I find that the most startling paradox about Man is that more than anything else, HE IS AFRAID OF BEING HAPPY.

Of course, this makes an outrageous “truth”, as most people would never willingly admit this…

So, fearing happiness, man is prone to subsequently believe that he deserves to suffer, to punish and in turn, to be punished. This outlandish misconception – maintained throughout the ages by the church, and later by the state – is the very basis from which this civilization has arisen.

The state, and for that matter, all authority, would simply crumble if people knew that happiness is the core of their being, and not the outcome of effort, strain or ambition…

Reason or Joy?… – your choice

Rational means to ascribe Fact the only supremacy, dismissing the obvious evidence
that Fact as such is but a choice dictated by a smaller or larger group of people.

Facts only can never bring you Joy. The best proof is millions of people´s failed lives.

Look to all people who lived before you:

Most of them were strictly rational, many never really lived, and so they died miserable, without ever being happy. It sounds cruel, but unless you are prepared to see, you will encounter the same dismal destiny. 

At some point you have to give up being rational.

The greatest challenge is finding yourself in the middle of the howling Drama, and despite inhuman hardships and setbacks,  to unwaveringly stick with, and remain anchored in Joy.

Yes… JOY! Your true Shining Shadow, the genuine Guide.

You have to be so irrational enough to believe in Joy even if you don´t feel it presently. Easier said than done…I for one easily forget this and time and again let myself be dragged into the mishaps of earthly life.

If you want to have a real life, at some point you have to defect from the ongoing world drama with its abysmal predicament of pain and suffering, and invalidate it as being no more than a dream.

You better… – because otherwise you´ll walk the paved way to misfortune.

If you are not happy Now, you´ll never be

Catch the moment – a single second can be too late

He was sipping his coffee on the terrace of his house in the beautiful sunset.
From nowhere a gorgeous woman came by.

I am Happiness”, she uttered readily, almost speaking with her sparkling eyes.

“Come with me”.

He was taken aback, but acted on it.

“Just a second”, he responded, “I´ll just go and grab my jacket.”

He rushed inside as quick as he could, but when he came back, she was gone for ever…

The greatest human contradiction

Man loves his unhappiness at the same time is hardly struggling to get rid of it.

Valentine says:
In some way or another, I’m happy for unhappiness. It’s a force that creates happiness. To live in a perfect world would be imperfection, a boring path. There is not much to be achieved from happiness. Unhappiness on the other hand holds a lot of value as much as I am saddened by its existence. Unhappiness for me is a truth to be told.
I myself hold in high regard the idea of ‘seeking’. It is the unfound that keeps humanities journey alive in my opinion.”

So, following your line of reasoning that you are happy for unhappiness as it is the force creating happiness, it means subsequently that what you call “happiness” is not more than a modified and disguised unhappiness.

Intrinsically we are unhappy on a permanent basis, so out of a need for variation or consolation, now and then we call our deliberately chosen misery – happiness…

Are you aware how you play tricks on yourself?…

Be honest: Have you ever been truly happy as to state that “there is not much to be achieved from happiness”?

How can you call “impefect” something you haven´t experienced?…

The truth of the matter is that nothing worthwhile is achieved in unhappiness, and that everything truly great is being achieved in happiness, happiness equating deep peace.

Can you understand that you defend your right to be unhappy by stating that Unhappiness holds a lot of value and yet at the same time you are saddened by its existence? This – if anything – is a total contradiction in terms.

Somewhere deep within, you must be aware of this Truth, but you are hiding yourself from it, blatantly contradicting yourself.

As I said: Seeking is escaping What Is.
Fleeing themselves obviously keeps most people alive.

This insidious idea of “alive” is the eternal wheel of misery and unhappiness for ever reinforced by the ego…

What an incredible paradox: Man loves his unhappiness but at the same time is hardly struggling to get rid of it…

I must thank you for your words though – it´s been a very enlightening survey into the inner labyrinth of human nature.

You do confirm what Auden once said:

“We would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and let our illusions die”

Snoopy ponders

My life has no purpose,
no direction, no aim, no
meaning, and yet I´m happy.
I can´t figure it out. What
am I doing right?

(Courtesy of

To be happy is your true obligation to yourself

I wonder, is ‘happiness’ necessary? Paraphrasing the Tibetan Buddhists, they say that, we all have “entitlement issues” when we think that we *ought to* be happy, or that we’re entitled to be happy. For instance, Pema Chodron asked, where is that written? Show me where the wisdom traditions promised you, that you would get to be happy..

Let´s make it clear:

No tradition, no dogma or authority can ever point to what Happiness is.
That because Happiness is Aliveness, that is, something that cannot be either
labeled or “derived from”.

Doubtlessly, most of us have “entitlement issues” – but that is not the issue here.

The fact is that everybody answers according to his conditioning which they
take for “truth”.

The question is:
How can we ever find something objectively, if we are prejudiced by
other people´s premises? Are we to believe any authority if we engage
in a real quest?

Pema Chodron said this, whoever else – christians, jews or atheists – said that,
but what eventually counts is – WHAT DO YOU SAY YOURSELF?

What do I say?…

So I ask you: Is happiness necessary?

Or let me put it this way: Is conditioning necessary?

If you ask me, whether it is necessary to be happy, I would say that
not only it is necessary, but that IT IS FUNDAMENTAL TO BE HAPPY!
To be happy is our true “obligation” to ourselves.

As it is an inseparable part of Who We Really Are, Happiness is not a goal to be reached, as conscious pursuit and goal-setting only breeds and enhances further conditioning.

The more I strive to be “happy” – or anything for that matter -, the more prone I am
to “entitlement issues”.

Consequently, the only thing we “ought” – our only true obligation – is to fully and
investigate into the nature of Conditioning.

And where Conditioning ends, Happiness begins…