A night out

If you go to a regular club nowadays – and not only in Stockholm – you see people “dancing” on their own, never with each other. The kind of frantic barbarism called music today,
doesn´t allow you to dance together. The way we live, the way we dance: Everybody is in his own swirling frenzied trance. Nobody sees or is interested in the other.

It´s a perfect metaphore for our life: Everything in the clubs is kind of invented in such manner, so that you can´t possibly reach one another –  you can´t talk, you can´t dance,  if you wanna say something, you either yell  your wits off, or play the bufoon… In brief: everything is made to be twisted and difficult.
Why is that? Because inside people´s souls there is a frightful noise, chaos and shame, resentment and despondency, so obviously, no one is supposed to see their insidious secret. TOUGH LUCK – I SEE.

And that´s why they flee. They see that I see. They avoid you, often with a politely but fake smile.

Like last night, I would have loved some meaningful communion – and that´s exactly the thing you don´t find in this town. People refuse and hate to be themselves, they are not interested, not curious, not nothing…You have the weird feeling that you don´t exist…
Everything is feigned…Thwarted…Distorted. A peculiar, upside-down and rabid theater…
Eugen Ionesco – the founder of absurd theater – would have probably felt totally outwitted by these times…

This is our present age.

I guess this is the outcome of the nihilistic education they have received. “Don´t touch my
feeling” – that´s what you´re tacitly told. “Don´t move me…don´t make me feel.
Or if you do, prepare to be punished.” I am aware that what I say sounds awful and surreal, but that´s the truth…
It is such a chaos inside their souls, so obviously, nearness and humanness, are the last things people want to be reminded of…Our so-called music today is the best proof and illustration of my point:
Appalling harshness, indiscriminate and narcissistic arrogance, relentlessly idiotic monotony, no joy,
no pleasant rhythm, melody or harmony, oh no,  just flat and eviscerated madness.

Anyway, yesterday I was feeling great, but I had to celebrate my being joyful on my own…I understand that when you are low people flee your company. BUT WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY AND THEY FLEE, that my friends,  is really incomprehensible…the hardest thing to take.

Really, it sounds crazy, but people seem to be terribly afraid of joy, of happiness and true togetherness.

They kind of deliberately seek and indulge in trouble, misery and unhappiness.
It is much easier and rather convenient.



An answer to Tom

He says:

You have such a clear sense of what I’m seeking to do in the work.


You mirror me and I mirror you. I give you back what you give.
In this considerate reciprocity, we kind of build a strong sense of “WE” where each “I” can unfold freely.

Indeed, I am so glad in two ways:

First, for serving you back what you give, and for the second,
that you confirm that I see through things clearly – indeed I made the right ”guess”.

I have this uncommon ability to grasp things intuitively, which is in fact my most valuable asset – and even if I´m sometimes “wrong”, I seem to be able to read behind the lines with sharp precission…

Generosity is not obvious in a competition oriented society. More often than not, people are rather stingy when it comes to giving right feed back – at least, in my experience.

As for me, when I encounter quality, I rejoice. It means that I have something to learn.

You see, I am a big egoist: I want people to be happy.
Cause if people around are happy, their happiness will benefit me as well.

A great truth

If you are not happy here and now, you will never be.

T. Deshimaru

No blame

If you are displeased with something or someone, your dismay has nothing to do with that particular person or thing.
You have two options: either project the blame and find motivation for your being unhappy, or realize that there is no blame, neither in yourself nor in the other, and find motivation to be happy 🙂