The Word is the music of your soul

I don’t have music inside me per se, but there is most definitely poetry, which can be just as beautiful and life-affirming as some kinds of music are to me.

It’s rare for me to be able to write poetry because it is so bashful, but I do feel there is more of that in me. At least, I really hope there is because I have an intense urge to express myself poetically, even if I sometimes lack the ability to bring it out.

I marvel sometimes at the synchronicity in life, and the capacity to inspire and be inspired by the ones we meet on this journey through Life.

In the beginning was the Word.

And the Word is Music. And we are the Word.

We simply don´t know this anymore…don´t feel it… – have forgotten it.

We don´t hear ourselves…The whisper in our soul.

Music is behind all true expression – insofar as Music is an ineffable vibration
behind all music…

It remains inaudible for most of them, but some people make it audible
in their life – be it a poem, a piece of beautiful architecture, a painting, a beautiful gesture…

Music is perfect balance. Order. Fluidity. Meaning – insofar as everything naturally flows.

Music is the harmony behind feeling. Because without harmony, feeling becomes rampant passion. And this sort of unbridled passion – pathos, as the Greeks called it – becomes pathology…disease…

It´s not necessary to write poems. It is about living poetically. To live with a sense of constant beauty is to truly live.

So do marvel, cause marvel is the poetry trough which the Universe makes itself known.

Just know

Wherever you look, you see nothing but YOU.

A great disorder

I find Thomas Ross ´post incredibly moving and meaningful. Here it is:

My expectations explode against hard reality.

I end up not where I am supposed to be.

Nothing unfolds according to plan.

Just once, could things happen as they are supposed to happen?  Just one, could what I seek come my way as I imagined?

In Zen we say that all things exist in disorder but against a background of perfect harmony.  I have tried in so many ways to see and feel that harmony.  I have even pretended to grasp it.  But I don’t.  I feel no order or harmony – just swirling and cruel chaos.

Where is this harmony?  How can it be mine?

All this grief and questioning and doubt, I now understand, arise from one simple mistake.  I keep supposing that I can control what will come.  I imagine that when I do X today, then Y will happen tomorrow.  I seek to impose order upon the disorder.  And when I fail, as I must, I rage against it all.

The harmony, I know, is right there.  Waiting for me.  The key to that ecstatic existence is right here.  Simple acceptance.  Undiluted, sure, steady acceptance of all that is and all that I am.

I know these things.  And I know that I am moving closer and closer to that way of being.  Substituting that simple truth for that simple mistake.  To be purged of rage, filled with gratitude and acceptance.

My comment:
Where are we supposed to be…? WHO is supposing, and above all – WHY?…

Homer put this in a grand manner:
God has bestowed man with Reason, in order for us to understand that It is of no avail.

The Secret of Existence baffles us each step. I do wonder how others seem to get things done according to a plan. Anticipated agenda…- it never works for me. It´s almost a curse, whatever I try, fails.

To be honest, I no longer know WHAT works.

Both “harmony” and “disharmony” must go. Harmony, real unadulterated harmony is the Death of Concept, the thing we fear most…Only that Primordial Silence is The Unwavering Sound.

The impending question is: Can we ever know – that is, have any preconceived idea – what Death is?…
Or are we supposed to simply die to whatever control, expectation and “mistake” entails…?

The kind of Order we seek is neither “order” or “disorder”. It is overwhelmingly irrational.
Mazy. Intriguing. But indefectable.

Our concept of Being always loses the battle no matter how subtle its agenda is…
The hardest lesson is thus, to learn to un-be.

To know means equally to have the guts to “not know”…”Closer” is a vague denomination…There are no degrees as to “nearness” or far. Far is near, near can be far…Fear is near, fear can be far…
You know that very well by now.

Let it be a mistake. “Failing” can be the guide to the unmistakable..

Forget everything!

Remember only this:

Learn to recognize love. It is not easy, as very few love in this world. But Love is your breath.
So Breath!…
Love is sparkling joy, beauty, trust, peace, equilibrium.

Where there is Love there is perfection. There is nothing to wait.
This very moment. Second by second!

Where there is not love there is doubt, choice, sorrow, pain, disturbance, suffering.
Where there is Love, there is harmony, balance, appreciation, bliss.

Learn to recognize it!

The key to all there is – energy

Energy is Incessant Flow. Movement. Timeless and Eternal movement. Energy is the key to all there is. You can talk about it, but the vital thing is whether you feel it or not. Most people don´t, as civilization has cheated them, depriving them deliberately of this contact.

Your body and soul vibrate in the same music when energy is flowing. Thus, Flow is unity, unity makes all different parts vibrate in unison. This Unity is Harmony, it is Health,
well-functioning. It´s when different voices don´t fight each other, but swiftly sing and dance together in the same harmony. You might not know that the word Symphony comes from the Greek word συμφωνώ (symphono) which means to agree, to attune. Isn´t this fantastic?

Beauty is therefore harmony, a felt vibration not a mere word, beauty permeates and regulates the whole Universal Body.

When you feel Energy you can feel immediately enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means literally to breath in God…

Chaos is thus absence of unity. Chaos is when all parts or aspects are at war with each other. Chaos creates dissonance, senselessness, disease. Senselessness is disharmony, non feeling, frustration.

Chaos being dissonant, is ugly. Ugliness is the absence of harmony and unity. Chaos is absence, chaos is non feeling. Chaos at its worst is symbolic and physical Death.

Be aware, Whatever promise that makes you not feel Joy Now is nothing…Joy is timeless, meaning that if something is real, it is real because it creates Joy both now or whenever. Source is never conditioned by our measure of time. TIME HAS BEEN INVENTED AS A MEASURE OF CONTROL, remember that!

Energy means joy, when you feel joy you feel meaning, joy and meaning together convey right action cause you begin to feel when it´s the moment to act, right and joyful action is success. SUCCESS IS EXPRESSED JOY AND FREEDOM. Whoever tells you that success is hard work, is an impostor.


Learn to discern and recognize What gives energy and what deprives you of energy. Learn to recognize the ones who give you energy, cause those love you. Those who take and deprive you of energy those are your worst enemies – get rid of them immediately cause in the worst cases, loss of energy means even death. I know what I am talking about.

Without energy we are nothing. Nothing. What we have been taught by education – to compensate frustration through action, to rely on effort without energy – , is a total sham which brings only affliction and misfortune.
Without this energy we are like a fantastic device that we can´t use. Only this energy makes us real.

This energy creates real money. Money are supposed to mean sense and value. Money you haven´t earned through joy and meaningful dedication don´t bring any real benefit. Ask me – I know incredibly wealthy people whose life is a disastrous mess. Contrariwise, one dollar made in love can be the price to incredible happiness.

When you feel Meaning (energy) you act effortlessly, you attract all blessings. Where there is energy there is life. Source is Life, you feel its breath, Source is the wind, we are the surfers. Be vigilant and steady, learn to remain in joyful balance on the waves of life!


When you lose contact with higher states of being, you become no more than a caricature.

That is what has been happening especially in the last 100 years. Being no longer in living connection with source, Man has gradually degenerated, and in his ignorance and stupid narcissism, he hears nothing but the inferno of his vile passions and hollowness.

What he often calls “music” is nothing but the scattering sounds of his violent and frustrated ego. It is disorder, sickness and chaos.

All passion, charm and warm feeling have been abolished, being replaced with callous monotony and fatuity .

So we have either these idiotic one-chord techno and house, abominable cries like heavy metal, hard-rock, or at the other extreme, different “lady-gagas”.

Music has nothing to do with this orgy of stupidity and tastelessness.

MUSIC, even if dealing with chaos or “dark forces”, is the outcome of equilibrium, of order, of harmony. Even in dissonance it remains consonant as its essence is spiritual; after all, “music” comes from the Greek word “muse”.

Music implicitly means connecting with higher states through elevated feeling. This exalted state is the abode of  joy, clarity, intelligence, passion, love…

An answer to someone who wanted to find his way

Your calling is waiting for you. In order to “find out” what this calling is, try to calm down. To hear it, you need silence within you.

Doubt is good, but too much doubt creates noise and dissonance inside. There is very seldom any harmony in noise, accordingly we cannot perceive something clear in inner turmoil.

How can we hear the whisper of our inner calling, unless we are still? So, start by doing something beneficial for yourself, and in due time, you will do that for others. Be a presence to yourself…

Be what you are, and start exactly where you are.