If there is no past, there is no future

There is nothing linking THIS moment to a past moment (let alone your entire “life history”!) except a thought.
– Michael Jeffreys

As of late, I have pondered in the same “direction”, and I totally agree with him on this.

The question is:

Can we also apply the same “logic” and say “There is nothing linking THIS moment to a future moment (“let alone your entire “future history”) except a thought?…

There is a sense of peculiar “non-continuity” which has totally baffled me lately…which is anything but easy to embrace, speaking from the ubiquitous point of view of the societal notion of what Sense, or Life is expected to be…

If there is no past, and no future, than HOW are we supposed to go about?

What is exactly the implication of this?…

Could we discuss this together?