In the utmost Encounter, there is no Support

We are urged to question and deconstruct all dogmas, if we are to find the Vivid Breath which baffles and is beyond all knowledge.

Watch out who you meet

When you are well, and the level of your energy is up, they flock around you. Because you´re gullible, you are tempted to believe they like and wish you well, and so you open up. Often unreservedly.

Such capital mistake to believe people reciprocate you. Very few – if any!! – do. They couldn´t care less. Most of them are simply interested to cunningly steal your hard acquired flow – then leave you in the lurch.

Health is energy flowing seamlessly through you.

So beware:

Disease lurks when you have been deprived of your life force…

Where communion is missing, madness is rampant


The most dismal truth is that most people waste their life, imitating and simulating – never ever getting around doing something Right. That is, anything authentic which comes from the core of their Being.

Squandered lives…

Imagine, not even for a Second do they taste a true Encounter with living.

So I tell you!! All it takes is A SINGLE INSTANT OF TRUTH.

If you are honest, have the courage and allow this single Graceful Second to unfold, it will heal, restore and make your life a huge Victory.

The moment you are free

you obviously become a danger to society, to organized religion, to all the rotten things that exist about you.

It is only the free mind that will find out what is true, it is only the free mind that can be creative; and it is essential, in a culture of this kind, that importance be given, not to the following of a pattern, a doctrine, or a tradition, but to allowing the mind to be creative. But the mind can be creative only when it is free from conditioning, and such freedom is not easily come by; you have to work extraordinarily hard for it.

J. Krishnamurti


There is no worse enslavement

…than the constant need to have a reason for everything you do.

Can we ever untangle from what is constantly keeping us enslaved?

We think it’s us living our lives, when in actual fact, it’s our forefathers’ misconceptions secretly living us. What’s worse is that we unknowingly take this evil heritage for being us, and fiercely quash ourselves, defending it.

They’ve all had you buy the idea of you, while no one was interested to awaken and encourage the real You.

I was watching an interesting clip from Christopher Hitchens who was basically saying that there is much in this world that we still have to battle against simply because those ideas were here first. They are misconceptions from a time when we knew less than we do now, and perhaps they were honest attempts to explain the world. But people hold on to these beliefs, and pass them down to their children. Your statement seems very similar.

You articulate perfectly what I tried to convey. The formidable contradiction is that these misconceptions have almost supreme power over us, so that although people intuitively know these things literally hurt and demean us, they nevertheless hold onto and defend these maledictions…

It probably doesn’t help that when we are most helpless as children is also when we are most easily indoctrinated by our parents’ beliefs. But who else are we to trust as children to survive? As a parent it is the awesome and most challenging of responsibilities to teach my child without depriving him of feelings of self discovery, which is ultimately more important.

The programs inoculated by our parents and education early on are so powerfully and rigidly abiding within us, that it´s almost an impossible task to decondition oneself from them. That because these beliefs cannot be destructured by will or deliberateness, as they happened before one had acquired any healthy self-consciousness…If I am to rid myself from them, I am compelled to almost “get out of my mind”…as mind is the very outcome of this conditioning…

Your only obligation is to heal

When healed, doing becomes irrelevant:


There´s never been a gap between
being and doing – except in the split mind…

They´re sick beyond imagination

Even sicker is their repudiating any remedy.

You tell me

What do you do when an entire nation has irrevocably gone awry, stubbornly and sufficiently promoting Disease, thwarting and fearing every natural and healthily spontaneus expression, taking Truth for Delusion, and Delusion for Truth…?

What is to be done in a society which simply takes Death for Life?…