I swear to God:

She is so overly charming so you literally want to eat her up.

I am sometimes looking through her photos and I am totally baffled. Apprehensive even…How can she have so many faces…? So many contradicting expressions…She inundates me with all these seductive stances.

I am so intimidated. What is it I know about her? What is it I don´t know?…

Always before we meet, I envision our instants together. I inevitably wonder what will be the expression with which she will greet me…What will she look and sound like, what will she wear, how will she move?…What will I see in her countenance? What will she allow me to see?…

Now and again I am anxious. Fearfully spellbound: she has the most enchanting voice I have ever heard. She can make me totally go berserk with her maddening inflexions – I lose track of everything mundane. Of reason, of time, of who I am or not am…

All my destinations have withered.

She is the most bewitching, dilemmatic and sensuous woman I have ever seen.

She is my Love. If Amor exists, It has her countenance.