Where there is fear there is no life

What I realize with awe is that Fear constantly supersedes our Here and Now. With other words, It keeps us distanced from our inexorable Presence…

So it´s not about understanding Now, but what hampers us from being profoundly anchored in this moment…

The experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life

Eternity isn´t some “later time”.

Eternity isn´t a “long time”. 

Eternity has nothing to do with time.

Eternity is that dimension of Here and Now which thinking and time cuts out.

If you don´t get it here, you won´t get it anywhere.

Bravo mr Joseph Campbell!

Presence – the ineffable here and now

Thomas Ross:
The passage, “After all, there is no map to anything,” captures so much.
I do wonder though about the call “to rebel against the present order.” I am drawn to the idea but wonder whether we “rebel” most meaningfully when we return to ourselves and deny the “present order” the capacity to trigger our reaction. I’m not thinking of retreating to a hut on the mountain, although I sometimes do yearn for isolation. I’m thinking of a strong and centered person whose actions flow from the core of his being – never reacting, always just acting.

The pathless path…the pathless land. The no-map-to-anything…The Neverland of our
true origin, 
which is just a breath away. Yes, a single breath, or lifetimes away…

Society – this present order we all know – is perpetually living and reinforcing “away”…

“Away” is the ubiquitous virtue, the only cherished and honored goal…

Away is at the basis of Ideal, that is, Idea turned into Ideal…

I have rebelled all my life against something insidiously wrong which I couldn´t formulate.

First now I realize that what I have rebelled against, was the very Ideas which have moulded our age.

I am redundant but I take it again: the foundation of our Ideas, derive from “away”.

The only thing we commit to is “away from” and “away to”.

Away meaning Absence…- non existence.

How could I ever accept to be turned into a non-existing entity? How could I not rebel
against being consigned to live in a constant “away” from myself?

So yes…struggling madly against absence, I became myself absent, I became
re-active – as there was no one around me to show what I unbeknownst was looking
for – Presence…

The mysterious unspeakable Presence, The True Land.

So it has taken me decades to have glimpses of what “here and now” entails.
To feel the secret of true aliveness.

There are strong and centered persons who act but are still absent, and there are those very few whose inner center is constellated and act in true Presence…this action is pure blessing.

So following and conforming to whatever is “mainstream” perpetuates Absence,
whereas finding your true Self, is to embrace presence.


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We have invented time in order to escape here and now

I can see your point. But I am afraid that it might take time for me
to see your points more clearly and internalize it.

Just remember!

Man has invented time as a means to escape the here and now.

We all suffer from this dilemma – including me -, hoping that
things are going to get better, that time will solve the problem.

Bad news: it won´t… – tomorrow is just a modified continuation
of what is now.

The only key to transformation is being aware of this
problem – that time is escape.
If you were attacked by a tiger, you wouldn´t have time to
ponder and postpone, but would deal with the danger right
then, in the moment.

We don´t see the inherent danger in our defective way of living,
and so we procrastinate, all the more deceiving ourselves
thinking we have time

There is no time!

Realizing this, we might feel that ineffable glimpse – the timeless –
and once having had this contact with The Timeless Second,
we can trust that It will initiate a new process inside of us.

We have to recognize ourselves from “here”, not from “there…

“WHAT IF we stayed where “we are”, not going away for searching ourselves in places or people we might encounter? Maybe from this very place where we are now, we have to see those places and people, to recognize them and us from here, not from there, – “there” being nothing but sheer illusion!”

– Rodina Rodin

The highest form of spirituality is to be fully present here and now

Spiritually aware

The highest form of spirituality is being alert here and now.

A thought for today

When you are totally aware of this present moment, you can´t ever possibly feel unhappy or depressed. It sort of means that both unhappiness and depression have to do with memory.

Our culture is build on memory. Unfulfillment means memory, every drama is memory as well.

Is there a drama in this very moment as you read this?

Imagine if there was no remebrance to remember…? Just presence…No “there and then” only here and now…

A great truth

If you are not happy here and now, you will never be.

T. Deshimaru

Living in the Now

– How can I live in the Now?

– You do. You just haven´t noticed.

Byron Katie