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Amazing number…!

Anyone who can enlighten me about
its numerological significance?

For the record, this is my 1,666th post.
The sum of this is 20. Meaning 2… again.


Deuces everywhere…Hm…
I was born the 22:nd too…

Five times ONE

Just got back home in Stockholm after having been away for a month in Romania and then Rome, Italy. I hope I will have the energy and inspiration to be able to write about the incredible things I´ve been through this month.

I just write this post though as I can´t conceal my astonishment:

Just checked my dashboard and saw that Mirrors of Encounters has had exactly 11, 111 visitors  – I don´t know what that means, but powerful it is…five times ONE…!!

Anyone of you knowing what numerological significance this amazing number has?