Indeed, it is my duty to speak up

This is a highly important dialogue about the fact that the Nobel Prise committee has decided to assign the Peace Prise to European Union.

Richard: Well, you surely got the right to get upset with this. But it’s not your duty.

Me: Who´s duty is it?
To assign the Peace Prise to an idea is insanity,
and when this idea is also bankrupt – well – this is serious business, don´t you think…?

Richard: It’s nobody’s duty. It’s only your Ego which is outflanking you to make a statement in order to proof your being.
I don’t care about this assignment because you will find as many arguments
pro as contra …. if you really investigate it. And it is part of politics – who would claim that politics are logical?

Me: Nobody´s duty?…What kind of reasoning is this? Because politics is illogical, and also due to the fact that people don´t really care, do I have to shut up as well…? It happened before: people didn´t bother, failing to consider blatant facts, so by their tacit consent, they made possible for dictators like Hitler, Stalin, and other evil lunatics to come to power.

Are we supposed to lay back and swallow outrage?… I consider it is my duty to speak out, as I find this very serious. Why should I waste my time on things that have no consequence? I have no wish whatsoever to make a statement in order to proof anything. When it comes to this specific assignment, I don´t find any arguments pro or contra…
This decision IS utterly stupid – and what´s more – very dangerous in the long run.

As I already pointed out, it enhances and justifies a bankrupt idea, in the detriment of the human element. If they had given the price TO A CERTAIN PERSON, I would have kept my mouth shut.

Why is it dangerous? Because dissociating idea from the human element is the beginning of evil… When the idea is more important than Man himself, it means that human beings are arbitrarily reduced to easily removable and dispensable entities, as only The Idea counts. “We are the leaders, we have the Right Ideas so you better subordinate yourself to this.”

To make my point, I will just mention that nobody in the West cared about what happened at the referendum in Romania this summer when almost 9 million people!! voted against the president of the country, but European Union shamelessly called this
coup d´etat, totally ignoring more than half of the voting population, helping this highly corrupt and controversial impostor to remain at his post. Is this democracy to sustain an immoral crook of a president and his acolytes against the majority of people´s voice?

Is this something to be overlooked? I hardly think so…
It seems maybe as a far-fetched exaggeration, but nobody takes seriously the beginning of dictatorship before it becomes a fact.

Hitler and Stalin had also very strong beliefs, they were convinced of the power
and righteousness of their ideas  – so in their madness they found appropriate and justifiable to relentlessly kill millions of people.

To conclude:

Dissociating idea from the human element is the beginning of pure evil…When Idea is more important than Man, we are in big trouble.


Mithenismos means nihilism in Greek. Mithen, that is,  zero. Nothing. That´s the disease of our time, deep down we think we are nothing. So what does a “zero-person”do? Punishes the others for his unworthiness. Look to Hitler who punished the whole world, for his not being accepted at the Art Academy. He wasn´t accepted as he couldn´t draw people. Interesting ha?… If you can´t draw them, you can at least kill them, as they already think they are nothing.