The Buddha with no name

Being a devoted Buddhist means denying your natural human instincts and desires

I am no Buddhist, but if you let yourself believe that Buddhism is about “denying your natural human instincts and desires” is a total misconception.
It´s most likely the fault of many deluded minds calling themselves “Buddhists”, who have promulgated this stupid misunderstanding.

Buddhism is not about denial. It´s about questioning the world of our senses, pointing to a Reality which is ever-present yet beyond time, thought and duality.

The essence of Buddhism – or for that matter, the essence of any true religion – is not to be found in Sutras, Bibles, or God knows what other holy books.

Reality doesn´t lend itself to words…It has nothing to do with Reason, it´s more a kind of feeling-less feeling…;)
Of course, my words may sound totally unsubstantiated, unless you experience it for yourself. It´s a hell of a work, or un-work…

Very few ever know it, if any…