A daunting truth

Not only that you get no encouragement in this outlandish pursuit, but they all vehemently oppose your endeavor to heal. Cause if you manage to, you will turn everything upside down, and thus not only will you heal and awake others, but you will expose and overthrow all the stinking lies the whole present society holds onto since times immemorial.

How terrible to try being someone else…

And yet, that´s how most people waste their lives.

Unless you like being scorned

Don´t commit the mistake of
treating sanely the insane.


Thwarting and discarding progress is worse than felony…

Humans not only don’t encourage it, but are so viciously afraid of evolution, that they arrest and suppress in every thinkable and unthinkable way the slightest attempt of sound inner growth and pervasive ethical awareness.

With other words, if I, since time immemorial have been flawed and utterly deficient, you better remain that way too. After all, we are fucking democratic when it comes to being a failure.

Is human nature erred?

What should truly scare them doesn´t.
What should make them rejoice, does.

The sham of all shams

Humans find a secret pleasure in tormenting themselves. They love and are addicted to their problems, conflicts and keep away in every possible way from Joy, Communication, Togetherness. What’s worst is that no one is prone to admit it, but vehemently claim they want love, nearness, peace…What a formidable bullshit.

Are they blind or simply pretend to be…?

You warn them, but they turn a deaf ear

I guess they simply want to go on deceving themselves…

Insidious stuff

They defend other people´s deceit,
They´re afraid of unravelling their own.

Stop being so privative

No matter if it’s joyful or saddening,
the slightest reminder of any truth, is
necessarily perceived as ‘negative’.