You warn them, but they turn a deaf ear

I guess they simply want to go on deceving themselves…

Insidious stuff

They defend other people´s deceit,
They´re afraid of unravelling their own.

Stop being so privative

No matter if it’s joyful or saddening,
the slightest reminder of any truth, is
necessarily perceived as ‘negative’.

Would you believe me…

…if I told you that many secretly ask to be demeaned, humiliated, derided and abused…? That unless you mistreat them, they would never respect you…?

Dominate me or let yourself be dominated. A loving demeanour is neither understood nor appreciated. In plain words, many humans – women especially – consider you a fool, unless you abuse or let yourself be abused.

Human nature

They turn everything into distance, into an unreachable object of desire, in order to continue their agonizing dream of separation.

In plain English, Suffering is man´s utmost Love.

Where relation is absent there is nothing to reach out for

We flee life and so we flee each other.

We thus project ourselves in a loose scenario which constantly
takes us further and further from the natural encounter…

We have jam or marmelade but no toast to put it on.

Love needs no agenda

“Too much of what the world offers is held onto and glorified as an
end to a means.” – Michael Cupo

That´s exactly it:

Wherever there is an end to any means, Love is absent…

So actually, at the bottom of it all, humanity flees love – God – that is the initial “everything-ness” being the greatest menace…
Nobody is willing to admit this, but humans have invented all this violence, shortage, conflicts, terrible enmity, shortage of all kinds, in order to feel they are alive.

Sadly, Earth is a planet governed by agendas. By Fear – that is…