Get off the death train

“We have been given responsibility for this world, this planet, this creation. How will we answer for our crimes of carelessness and thoughtlessness to Life itself?”
– Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (courtesy of Stephanie)

Fact is that the death urge is unstoppable in most people: they secretly want to perish. Tell them this truth, and they´ll consider you an excentric loon…They blatantly refuse to listen. Obviously, this is such a big taboo so no one ever takes this up: if humans wanted to live, they would at once halt the ubiquitous devastation, they would naturally reconsider, start taking responsibility, cherishing life and the living, thinking seven generations ahead.

I have long considered writing about this, but being such a complex issue, I never got around to it, feeling discouraged. So I guess few words about this vital subject are better than no words.

The most impending question is consequently this:

Can we – or better put – how are we to deter the suicidal tendency that humanity has fallen prey to?
How are we to stop them fulfilling this infamous act against life and themselves?

Unless we assume this question, both you and me will be dragged in the forlorn abyss.

Changing the story

Courtesy Stephanie Jill Rudd.
This is an excerpt from a text by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

Do we recognize from where this new story arises? Are we acknowledging and honoring the inner dimension from which all such world-changing stories are born?

We know the vital need for a new story, but are we seeking to change life without honoring the archetypal forces at work, the gods and goddesses that still reign in the depths of creation—without recognizing the primal world that is life’s inner source? If a story is not born from the inner world it will lack the power to effect any real change. It will speak just to our conscious selves, the surface layer of our being, rather than engaging us from the depths.

The stories of the past, the myths that shaped humanity, spoke to our individual and collective soul with the numinous and transformative power that comes from deep within.

The power of the archetypal, mythic world belongs to the river-beds of life that shape humanity.”

For the ones interested to read it all, here it is:

Absence is our abode

If I am to sum up the whole problem of this age in a single word,
that word would be ABSENCE.

Absence of a presence – as someone very well put it.

Absence is the suspension of any conceivable Value,
as Value resides in Presence.

Crassly speaking, Nothing Real is being created today,
as Presence is simply a word in the dictionary;
we have no idea any longer what it entails.

Wherever you go,
you sense this corrosive state of non-existence with all its derivatives:

Boredom, lethargy, cynicism, greed, theft, moral shortage,
dissimulation, sloth, futility and loneliness.

Modern man

What has generated this collective attitude of ingratiating submissiveness
and resignation of one´s inner voice and natural emotion?
It exceeds my ability to comprehend, but people seem to no longer want to acknowledge their own lives. Most of them indulge in being not more than some languorous drones of sorts. Indeed, what is this uncommon fear behind this perfidious abdication?

I think modern man lives in a kind of disguised suicide. He has given up on life.
He assiduously dismisses his humanity.
All the so-called technological progress derives from and compensates this peculiar and incomprehensible inability to preserve one´s humanness.

The genuine human quality has become almost an extinct commodity. It is rather conspicuous:

MAN IS TIRED OF HIS HUMAN CONDITION – he virtually aims to be a robot. That is why he is nauseatingly projecting himself in all this technological folly, which is naught but a consequence of his inner piteous cowardice.

Can we discuss this together?

Are we determined to kill off the next generation?

This is a dialogue between me and Bex:

She: It strikes me as weird and highly abusive to be honest; how and why would any parent subject their growing child to such evasive medications that crush the soul, steal dreams and life away??? Conditioning it is, as the parents don’t know how to react to, interact with and raise their own children (oh, and accept them for what and who they are). No doubt they will have a medication which will enable a child to raise itself in a few years, with zero parental input! It is almost as though being a child is under attack; from this medicated childhood (where life passes them by in a drug haze), to childhood Anorexia, bullying, depression and suicide. Are we determined to kill off, curtail and lobotomise our next generation?

How and why would any parent subject their growing child to such evasive medications that crush the soul, steal dreams and life away?”

Me: How can we know…? We can only gather…

Subjecting their offspring to such evasive treatment we may wonder: Do people really love their kids?… For if they did, would they allow something so infamous to happen?… Or maybe many parents are so thoroughly brainwashed and consequently so extremely frightened of life, so that they have totally lost their common sense, humanity and ability to discern?…

Really…It´s outrageous: How could many parents allowed their kids some two years ago? to be vaccinated against this scandalously disgraceful hoax – swine flu – the consequence of which being that thousands!! of kids in Sweden fell ill with narcolepsy. And these morons of parents, just accepted with no further comment that their kids are marked for life…

How can a zombie be expected to love and act or even re-act…? Many parents not only they no longer know how to react to, interact with and raise their own children, the problem is – as I already said – they have become totally estranged for Life…They have become emotionally and morally illiterate.

You say:
“No doubt they will have a medication which will enable a child to raise itself in a few years, with zero parental input”
To illustrate your point, I saw a documentary where an incredibly aloof Japanese madcap scientist had invented a robot which LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HIM, so the robot would be with his kids when he was not in a mood…is this the height of folly or what?…
You could see that man didn´t really want to live anymore, projecting himself into a robot.

People are deeply disturbed, so not unlike the Japanese inventor, – more or less deliberately -, many have become lifeless robots. So the kids are under the attack of their parents madness, huge blindness and irresponsibility. All these symptoms – Anorexia, depression and suicide are basically the outcome of modern man´s seemingly incurable inability to live and love…

Man depriving himself of his humanity.

Back to real Presence

People are not alert, they are not mindful to this very moment; they neither listen nor see what is happening NOW. They live in a state of constant aloofness, always on the run to God knows where, always being somewhere else. They are strangers… even in their own life, strangers even to their bodies.

It is so sad. You may see the most good-looking girls, with all the blessed feminine attributes and alas…you look into their eyes, and you realize with awe that they are not “at home”.
They´re totally uncomfortable in their bodies, they do not accept or know how to deal with their femininity; all their inner and outer attributes are more some kind of an ordeal to put up with, than something natural to enjoy.

It is a horrible nuisance to witness, but women have no real personality nowadays – as personality means presence – and what you see is “the same girl” in all girls around. Speaking and behaving the same way, same cloths, same haircuts, same everything…Due to the fact that women have become so flat and neurotic, we all suffer becoming some kind of freaks.

Women behave like men and men like women. Woman deprived of femininity and man deprived of force and manhood.

People being so absent in their lives, you may wonder how they can ever learn or know anything genuine, indeed, what kind of life can they have when they never touch anything for real…? Well, the bad news is they don´t have a real life, other than some kind of imaginary mise en scene.

They do all the “regular things” in life, yet always remaining in some kind of weird absent zone of sorts, always avoiding this present moment.

It is unbelievable. With these ghosts of people how can we ever speak of a real civilization? How can a culture deserve its name, when real Life is extinct, when everything is a blatant expression of absence and nothingness?

My aim and my concern here is this: we have to let our presence shine. This presence of ours needs to be so powerful in the here and now, so that it can be a living example and a guidance for everybody around to embrace.

We simply have to bring ourselves back home into OUR OWN LIVES.

This is the most vitally important thing we can “strive after”.

The most ideal of all worlds

Being a real human being poses so many difficulties, so people take the “easy way”, because they want to get rid of their humanity. It is easier to flee and  oversimplify everything. So we have the most ideal world of all worlds  – exactly what we deserve : a world populated by shadows.